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Wear a face mask when in public

Wear a face Mask when in public

Earlier this past week, I watched a woman in the USA have a vitriolic outburst at a British reporter simply because the reporter was wearing a mask as protection against COVID 19. The woman was questioned as to why she was not wearing a face-mask and replied that she supported Trump and face-masks were a waste of time and a political scam perpetrated by all Democrats. We can only feel sorry for people like this. The lack of basic intelligence and logical reasoning is sad to witness, but it is actually happening, as unbelievable as that may seem. But even worse than this, we have leaders of society supporting this woman's views. Even here in the UK, some governing politicians are not advocating the wearing of masks in shops, which I would have thought was just common sense, if not courteous to other shoppers. So what bit of this Pandemic do these leaders not understand? Whether it is Trump, Johnson, Bolsanero or our own Michael Gove - why are they being so irresponsible and exhibiting such poor and weak leadership? I do hope that the vast majority of people understand that this Virus can be deadly and is not a laughing matter. Therefore taking sensible precautions, protecting yourself and others is the right thing to do. Not doing so is the wrong thing to do. I would urge everyone, regardless of upbringing, religion, ethnicity, their political or their economic situation - head for the high ground of values. Simple truths - values like kindness, do unto others as you would have done to yourself, truth and honesty, the ability to listen and learn; these are the values of life and civilisation - to be able to accept, to forgive and to learn.  Rick - Suffolk - UK - 12th July - 2020 rick@notesfromengland

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