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Hello - I am Rick - this is a short biopsy of me.

I have been formally educated at twelve different establishments during my early years. I struggled at school – no doubt many of my teaches also – and quite a lot of them gave up — those who didn’t stand out in my memory like beacons. From the age of thirteen, I was six foot three, reasonably strong and terribly under-confident while growing up. To some extent, perhaps I still am. I was sent away to boarding school when I was seven, and I hated it. I was terribly bullied and often humiliated, particularly by those in authority, who should have known better. Always on the outside and to this day, I catch myself avoiding certain crowds and often, crowds in general. I have worked as a Farmer in the UK, in the Timber industry in northern British Columbia, an Office Boy in San Francisco, (not to be confused with a rent-boy) – A shepherd in New Zealand, A game Catcher in South Africa and South-West Africa, (now Namibia) a Soldier in Rhodesia, a game ranger in Zimbabwe and many menial jobs in the UK; including washing dishes in a famous London Hotel, Waiting on tables, Raking leaves in a London Park, Working in a wine cellar and as a delivery driver in London. I held a pilots licence for a while and a heavy goods vehicle Licence when I drove an artic truck. I enjoyed sky-diving, deep-sea and cave diving and long-distance running. To my surprise, I got married when I was forty-seven and have since had the best four children in the world who are still in their education – as I am daily. My wife is the kindest and most understanding woman in the world, who rescued me. We live in rural Suffolk – UK and run a small food business. Apart from my wife and children, my big loves are the people I work with, animals and Trees – Oh, and life. My biggest dislikes are dishonesty in all its forms, cruelty and the unquenchable greed that is destroying our world.

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