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We all have a choice

Imagine a man who routinely lies and exaggerates without any shame, who incites violence and who is openly racist. A man who is chauvinist in the extreme, who is thin-skinned when it comes to taking criticism of himself but who at the same time is an aggressive bully and openly insults anyone who disagrees with him.

This same man is very likely corrupt and devious and has probably perpetrated many crimes. In a leadership role, he is always putting himself first - before anyone else. His greed, dishonesty and narcissism are frequently on display for all to see.

This same man proves, almost every waking hour that he is not a trustworthy human being.

Would anyone with just a degree of integrity and common sense, choose such a man to elect to rule over them?

Well, unbelievably there are apparently millions of men and women who would and indeed will, in just over three weeks time.

I say unbelievably because I find it almost impossible to understand why?

By any measure of basic standards of conduct; that most children are taught at a very young age; Trump defies them all.

The people who vote for Trump live under a misconception that he cares about them. He doesn't! Trump has proved repeatedly that there is only one thing that he cares about - And that is Donald J Trump. His supporters will vote for him because they are either so emotionally blind or so dogmatically Republican or both.

Back in 2016, before Trump's election, firstly most people thought he wouldn't be elected. Many of us got that wrong. Secondly, when he was, they surmised that the mantle of high office would transform his crude mouth and rough manner into a more reasonable and presidential tone and style that is rightly expected of a leader. Most got that wrong also.

During the past four years, Trump has consistently proved, alas, on a daily basis, that he is a much worse United States President that anyone could have ever imagined.

Whilst I and many others have to accept that there are people who share trumps view of the world, we all have to hope that they are in the minority in the USA or don't vote.

I like Americans. They have always been good to me, and the debt that we in the west owe to North America and their citizens can never be forgotten. And I have faith that Trump will be overwhelmingly defeated in the coming election. If only because I refuse to believe that the majority of Americans would or could support him again, particularly given the past four years experience of Trump.

If Trump is re-elected there will be an audible groan of despair throughout the world and our civilisation as we know it will decline still further. If Trump is defeated and Biden is elected, you will be able to tangibly feel the relief, not just in the USA but throughout the whole world. It will be as if the north wind ceases, the clouds part to reveal blue sky and we all feel the warmth of the sun.

But, regardless of the result, through all the bleakness of our world, there is still a message of hope. That message is; in spite of Trump and all the other terrible leaders of countries and nations - that we as individuals can all do something positive if we so choose. We can participate in helping our World heal and coming to the aid of our fellow Human Beings who need our help. Lots of people doing small things make an enormous difference. Making your neighbour a hot meal, biking instead of driving, picking up some litter, contributing wherever and whenever we can. This is what we can choose to do and set an example to so many of our failing leaders. And of course, we can vote good, honest and true men and women into office. That is what we can do - if we choose to? "One's" can make a difference - as in try sharing a bedroom with a mosquito.

Rick - Suffolk - UK - 10th October - 2020


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