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USA = + UK = - World Peace = ?

There has been a flood of different emotions flowing out of Bidens victory over Trump. Also - much anticipation along with, no doubt, many concerns by some, both individuals, as well as foreign Governments.

The Democrats need to be forbearing and consolatory - but so do the leaders of the Republicans. Not Trump, of course, because that kind of behaviour, as he has regrettably so often demonstrated, is beyond him. The divisive and offensive rhetoric needs to be toned down by the Republicans; politicians and ordinary folk alike.

After the sheer exhaustion and turmoil of four years of Trump, it is so disappointing to hear the same old Republican politicians regurgitating their same old poisonous rhetoric and defending Trump at any cost. Their actions go to underscore their lack of care for the people and the country of the United States. The land they profess to love, but what they actually love is power and themselves - the self-indulgent Republican party - way behind the Eight Ball.

People now - I suspect all over the world would like to see our leaders grow up, start listening and start leading. Start doing what is right for everyone - working together for our common causes. Yes, we are in challenging times - and dangerous times.

Danger, I would suggest, in many different guises, is not just present now with COVID but lurks all around us - just over the horizon. Tomorrow is the Eleventh of November, here we know it as Remembrance Day, marking the Armistice and end of the First World War. We have today become complacent, self-indulgent and forgetful of previous and costly lessons learned.

With the megalomaniac mess created by Trump and his enablers in the US and the Brexit mess created by Johnson and his enablers, we have taken our eyes off the ball and neglected some vitally important issues. The world at large and our civilisation have suffered. World peace is not a given. It requires constant care and scrutiny. America, Europe and the democracies of the world have been the custodians of world peace for 75 years now, but only because they have been vigilant.

While Biden and Harris have their work cut out in bringing harmony to the USA, the world at large requires urgent attention also. We neglect this at our peril. Regrettably, Johnson doesn't seem experienced, willing or wise enough to take up this mantle - hopefully, Biden will. He won't be alone, but the UK appears to have withdrawn from playing any leading role in maintaining world peace.

Britain just doesn't seem to have the calibre of people in its front ranks any more. People like Douglas Hurd; a safe, experienced and capable pair of hands leading our foreign service. We have disarmed ourselves to the extent where we are a token force only.

Very few, if any of our modern-day politicians have experienced the ghastliness of war and are therefore complacent of peace. The whole point of having a significant armed force is that it is a severe deterrent. We have in the past always stepped up to the plate and fulfilled our duty, both as a proponent of democracy and a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council.

But the process of Brexit, choosing a leader like Johnson, supported by his cronies, have led the UK to become inward-looking with self-obsessed navel-gazing. Since declaring our intention to leave the EU, we really have become a rather pathetic and diminutive shadow of a nation to what we were.

Whilst The USA might be on its way out of the mire of Trump, we here in Britain, after nearly four and a half years, seem firmly stuck in Johnson's boggy Brexit mud; a stagnant stench we created all on our own.

Rick - Suffolk - UK - 10th November 2020

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