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Urgent action required by everyone - Today!

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Urgent action required by everyone - Today!

I am not sure if, as a species, we can survive in the long term? Not because we are unintelligent or stupid - but actually, yes.

It is ironic how our greed for information and invention that has driven our advancement is the same greed that is destroying our environment and perhaps eventually our planet.

Like a "smoker" who just can't stop themselves from smoking, despite knowing with every cigarette they smoke, they are shortening their own lives; humankind continues to pollute Planet Earth with similar or even worse consequences.

Why are the consequences worse? Because by destroying the planet, we are destroying not one life but future lives, and not just human beings but many living creatures.

We all need to require our world leaders to step up to the plate and redress the balance of climate change and pollution with urgency. This has to be our number one priority for all of us.

Rick - Suffolk - UK - 11th December 2019


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