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Unsubstantiated and wild accusations are not helpful

The utterly ludicrous, politically correct and false outrage at Meghan's raising of racism in the Royal Family requires some perspective. First of all, it was hear-say from Harry to Meghan, and as we all know, interpretation is everything. And if you are already feeling hurt and anti-someone, it is easy to take any comment out of context and the wrong way.

Harry and Meghan have obviously been feeling hurt and resentful, and that is, of course, regretful. Sad as that is, they will, I believe, live to regret much of what they have said. Oprah Winfrey's face of false indignation, when Meghan raised the racism card, was oscar-winning. What an actor she is. And of course - let us not forget that Meghan is an actor also.

I can well imagine if one of our children, who are caucasian, married a person of colour and the wife became pregnant; there would be discussions within the family, loving and eager speculation about what colour hair, skin etc., the baby would have. For Harry and Meghan to term this as racism is a slur and is, frankly, an outrageous accusation that should be vigorously fought and snuffed out.

We all know they feel hurt and resentful, but throwing these wild and exaggerated - out of context - accusations around is thoroughly immature. It is well documented that Meghan's family is dysfunctional, and we all are aware that Prince Harry has endured such a lot of pain, anguish and suffering and from a very young age. There is, I am sure, much sympathy and understanding toward the couple. But however lucrative and fame acquiring this interview has been for them in the long term, I can't help concluding that their interview with Oprah Winfrey is something they will, in time, deeply regret.

Rick - Suffolk - UK - 9th March 2021

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