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Uncertain times

There is no such uncertainty as a sure thing. Robert Burns

We live in uncertain times and our all may yet be taken from us. W. Somerset Maugham

There is something enlivening about living through uncertain times and we can now detect a degree of division becoming more evident in our political elite. People taking positions and ultimately of course, that will create conflict.

The Markets of course have their fingers on the pulse and they are all about covering risk. They will ensure they make money whatever happens. So the pound is plummeting (17% since the Brexit vote) because of the uncertainty of the UK operating out-side the EU and will be left to find its own level in the markets - meanwhile the FTSE is soaring because most of the FTSE companies are being paid in foreign currency and paying out in Sterling - so they are winning both ways.

You will therefore have already felt or soon will be feeling the pinch. It will, I suspect, effect all of us in some way - going on holiday - less for the pound, buying oil products and coming down the line - most likely an increase in the price of food and rising inflation. The idea being that it will all level out eventually.

All of this is a direct result of Brexit - but we will be OK - eventually. It is just no one quite knows when "eventually" will be? The Government’s handling of Brexit is coming under increasing scrutiny - which is in turn stirring up more uncertainty, particularly when the government plays silent - but to be fare - they can't tip their hand to the media just to placate our curiosity, that would be really silly.

What we really need to do is keep our nerve, hope that our negotiating teams are doing their homework and carry on doing what we do. That old sage advise of "prepare for the worst and hope for the best" is about all we can do right now, until the negotiation is complete - then will be the time to comment. But it has to be said that the sooner the uncertainty is nullified - the better for everyone.

Much more disturbing is the situation in Syria and the growing escalation of violence against civilians perpetrated by Mr Putin and Bashar al-Assad. This of course is closely linked to Isis - but one can't help that "knowing feeling" that Putin has his own agenda and the Syrian crisis is playing straight into his hands.

All of this fearful situation is a direct result of inaction by NATO and the Western Democracies to battle Isis and at least try and find a resolution to the Syrian crisis and actually goes right back to our failure to see it through in Iraq. The same could be said for Libya - you have to put "skin in the game" if you want to win and really effect out-comes. Shooting a few missiles from the air and hoping you have affected the outcome is naive. You have to clearly understand the objective and stick doggedly and determinedly until you realise those out-comes.

And part of the schism that Europe is suffering is perhaps. at least in part. the continuous flow of refugees into Europe - and here we are. We get what we deserve and it is astounding, that if we look back through history - we have already learnt these lessons..........and now, apparently forgotten them - and so have to learn again. The pain and suffering that we inflict on each other in this world is staggeringly and sadly woeful.

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