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The UK's bloodless Coup

Whoever thought the UK would have a bloodless Coup

I am trying really hard to be a grown-up about it - you know - be the adult in the room so to speak. But I feel so angry, miserable, let down, aghast at the sit-rep.

How on earth did this happen? How did we - the British, allow this to take place on our watch? What on earth have our politicians been up to? As Terry Thomas might have put it - "What an absolute shower!"

What an utter and compleat Dogs-Breakfast! What a perfect storm we have brought down on ourselves.

And yet I keep thinking of that adage - "we get what we deserve". It really does feel like Democracy is failing.

But at fault are just a few. A long time ago a Boeing Engineer showed me a small pin - I guess it was a couple of inches long and perhaps an eighth-inch diameter and he held it up and proclaimed that without this pin, a 747 jumbo Jet wouldn't be able to fly. the absence of that pin would ground the aircraft.

In a nut-shell, I think that is what has happened to us in the UK. We have the utterly ridiculous situation of about 0.3% of the voting population deciding the fate of our nation. And it is estimated that many of that 0.3% are Farage far-right supporters who have infiltrated themselves into the Conservative party. If that is true or not, I have no idea but it is not hard to believe.

We are looking at the likelihood of voting into the highest office in the land this extremely intelligent buffoon of a man, Borris Johnston, who has lied, who has, as the British Foreign Secretary proved himself wholly unsuited for high office and a man that simply cannot be trusted. This is what we are faced with.

Only a very few of our serving politicians, - Rory Stewart, Dominic Grieve, Kenneth Clarke, are actually thinking -  and saying out loud, "what is best for the people of this country"?

It is a simple enough question and amid all this turmoil, the dust storms of confusion whipped up by the media, the far right and the uninformed and the backward thinking Luddite members of our society, there is no clear voice of calm leadership. I have heard some say that Borrs is Churchillian - only in his dreams.

We, the population are like rats following the pied piper - or Lemmings rushing to fall off the cliff. What are we running from - fear itself perhaps?

We need a new Leader - a new Party - A group of clever people who can serve and do what is best for us all, not self-serve and do what is best for a few.

I wish we could wake up from this nightmare which Cameron, like a BFG blew into our heads. It is as if half the population have been drugged and turned into zombies determined to bring the UK to its knees. And I don't mind telling you, that whilst this is all going on - it grates that all the baddies in the world, the Putin's etc are rubbing their hands with glee and chuckling their heads off at our stupidity.

You may have noticed that I have not mentioned the Socialist and Trotskyite opposition, only because they have, by their absence of anything made themselves irrelevant. As an opposition, they are a shameful and utter disgrace.

It feels like we are in the middle of a bloodless Coup and powerless to do anything short of rising up as a nation and saying - Enough already. But we need a figurehead.

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