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Trump is disastrous for the the world at large

The sooner Trump is gone from office the safer we will all be

Once again, The President of the United States of America - Donald Trump has fired two loyal men because he believes they made him look bad. You serve at the Presidents pleasure - but usually, that means you are allowed and expected to do your job. You get fired if you are incompetent. Not because the President doesn't like you.

If you are on the Trump Team -  It means you have to agree with Trump on everything. No dissenters allowed. Like Kim Jong-un - disagreement equals disloyalty, and that, in turn, is punishable.

Trump is also someone who holds a grudge. So if you dare to cross him, expect him to take revenge.

Just like the Mob of old and the new cartel Drug Lords - Trump falls into precisely the same category of personality.

Trump indirectly felt criticised by the US Navy Captain of the Aircraft Carrier - The USS Theodore Roosevelt and has now, via his acting secretary of the Navy, Thomas Modly, ordered his removal from command. Captain Brett Crozier's crime was to draw attention to the safety of his crew when all his previously voiced concerns had fallen on deaf ears.

But to his crew of some four thousand plus - he is a hero and will remain one.

Equally, Michael Atkinson, the Intelligence Chief, has just been fired by Trump for doing his duty, namely alerting Congress to the whistleblower, which led directly to Trump being impeached.

Trumps chaotic and flip-flopping approach to the Coronavirus is typical and shows his compleat inability to grasp the salient facts and correlate and present clear information and give leadership.

Trump's behaviour is beyond contempt. He cannot handle the truth. His ego prevents him from listening to views that differ from his own. He twists facts at random to support his own lies, no matter how crooked or unbelievable. He is a disaster for the United States of America and sadly - the world at large. The people who have kept him in power will go down in the infamy of history. It is entirely possible that Trump is amongst the most dangerous heads of state that this world has witnessed, certainly this century. The sooner he is gone, the safer we will all be.

Rikki - Suffolk - UK - 5th March 2020


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