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Trump harms humanity

The United States of America is on trial, and all the world is watching. If the majority of the U.S. population decide that Trump should be their President again, it will be a strong indication as to the "values" that are held by Americans. Having sampled Trump for approaching four years already, it stretches credibility, to believe that U.S. Americans would choose him again.

Forget all the seedy accusations against him, which keep piling up; but nearly every time he opens his mouth to speak, his is exaggerating or just spouting barefaced lies.

His entourage and supporters are no better. Shame will follow them, and their credibility is damaged, possibly beyond repair. Siding with Trump is siding with the darkest and lowest part of humanity. Indeed, one cannot help feeling that during the time that Trump has been President, Humanity and civilisation as a whole, have taken giant strides backwards.

The British Government's shame

I am a British Citizen, and I feel utterly humiliated; that Borris Johnson, the leader of our country, has brought such shame to my country is beyond my absorption right now.

Our Prime Minister, Borris Johnson, negotiated, agreed and signed this deal with The E.U. back in January of this year. Now he is reneging on our collective word, a document he agreed to and signed in our name.

This single act of vandalism now shreds everything that The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland stood for and has stood for over the years.

Johnson is just a British version of Trump; truth, honour and integrity mean nothing to him. The sooner he is gone, the better.

Rick - Suffolk - UK - 19th September - 2020

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