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Trump and all the Mini-trumps are dangerous. You have been warned.

Updated: May 25, 2021

How is the USA going to recover from the Trump infected Republican Party? Corruption, lies, deceit and a constant flow of untruths and a complete failure and breakdown of honesty, decency and integrity.

These "mini-trumps," these republican grown men and women are like the demons amid humanity in some scifi film, causing terror and mayhem - how on Gods Earth were they voted into power? The people supporting and voting Republican are behaving like Lemmings - Like Turkeys voting for Christmas. It is not just bewildering; it is heart-wrenchingly sad to bear witness to this.

You could expect terrible behaviour of Trump. He is a proven Depraved Being who is so riddled with corruption and deceit that in his world, up is down, out is in, and lies are truth. But when it comes to other Republican members of Congress, the list is so long now of those who have fallen under the spell of Trump; it is concerning, it is as if they have become infected with "Trump Disease".

They will all regret it one day because the evil that is Trump and all he stands for will be washed away in the fullness of time, I feel sure of that. There will one day be a reckoning, but in the meantime, so many people will suffer because of it. Civilisation is being knocked backwards. The quicker we all wake up and act, the more we mitigate the damage and the human suffering.

To me, it utterly defies belief how some people can behave - or rather how their behaviour can change so quickly when they become seduced by greed or anger or power? How all logic and reasoning can be so quickly discarded in favour of twisting truth, untruths and exaggeration? Which in turn becomes something even darker - outright lies, conspiracy and hate.

I was born ten years after Hitler killed himself. Since then, alas, there have been many despots on our Earth committing genocide and mass murder as a matter of course; spreading human misery while the rest of the world largely stands by and watches. It is still going on all around us, and we still do little or nothing and allow it to happen. As if it is OK - so long as it is not in my backyard and I don't have to watch. Out of sight, out of mind.

Well, wake everyone. That same behaviour pattern is alive and well, so be careful what you wish for. It is all happening right in front of our eyes, in our backyard.

We think; that could never happen here? But sure as eggs are eggs - right in front of you - it is happening in our midst, and we do nothing. You think Lukashenko in Belarus is bad - Trump is no different, nor are some of his close supporters. Another Holocaust is out of the question - is it? I think not.

Yesterday Lukashenko kidnapped an innocent man, Roman Protassevich. Forcing an Irish airplane overflying Belarus to land in Minsk at the threat of it being shot down, And what is our response - a few sanctions. Meanwhile that brave young reporter, Roman Protasevich - reporting news for the Free Press is being held, tortured and forced under threat of more torture to issue Lukashenko's statements.

As if ever proof was needed that democracy is much more fragile than we think. Democracy needs constant vigilance and strength to keep it alive and safe. Democracy only survives if we are prepared to defend it, to be courageous and strong and fight for our right of free thought and free speech.

Trump and all those little mini want-to-be Trumps are very dangerous. Get them out of power and keep them out. The price of not doing so is beyond calculation.

We need to attract good, strong and honest people to stand for office. We need to vote these people into power; people who posses an upright character - who are honest - posses strength and integrity. People who's core values are founded in Freedom and Democracy.

Rick - Suffolk - UK - 24th May - 2021

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