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The West is failing through the lack of moral, wise and cohesive leadership.

"Cometh the moment, cometh the man" - The moment is fast approaching - where is the man or woman?

The only truth with regards to Brexit is - No One knows what is going to happen. It is and has become farcical. If the consequences were not so serious for all of us, it would be amusing. We are now into the blame-game, which would indicate the powers that be are preparing for a "No-Deal Brexit" and No Compromise in the offing. We can only hope that common sense will prevail.

The parallels between Trump and Steven Miller in the White House, and Johnson and Dominic Cummings in No 10 Downing Street are uncanny. The lies, the misinformation, the doubling down when challenged are all signs of a profoundly flawed administration.

Looking across the pond to Washington, there seem plenty of grounds for Trump being impeached. He has, on numerous occasions, demonstrated his unsuitability for high office. His gangster-like approach to diplomacy is damaging the stability of our world. So many millions of people are being affected by his clumsy lack of moral fibre.

My reading of Trump pulling the US out of Syria is gravely serious and is probably due to a "behind the scene" deal with Putin. Whatever Putin has on Trump, It is clearly working.

Abandoning the West's allies in Syria, The Kurds, who have been staunch supporters and at a high cost to themselves is appalling. Not only will this decision inflict severe damage to the reputation of the USA, but it will allow Turkey and thus, Putin to take the initiative in the Middle East.

Now the West has no allies in that part of the world, and it will become a political sphere of Russia and Putin. The West, through the United States, has ceded its foot-hold in that part of the world. Putin will be rubbing his hands with glee. Trump has scored a spectacular own goal, but perhaps has stopped Putin spilling the beans on him?

The immediate price will be paid in blood and loss of life by the Kurds, our allies. The West will pay the price also - eventually.

Ultimately, I expect Turkey will leave Nato. If not of its own volition, Nato Members may insist, certainly if Ergedon clings to power and Turkey continues to snuggle up to Russia.

It is not just that you can't run with the hare and hunt with hounds - but I can see a situation where a line has to be drawn, and Turkey will be forced to choose which side of the line it wants to be. If Ergedon is in power, he will select Russia.

I fear that this is the start of something terrible. We will not be able to put the genie back in the bottle. I am not sure that Trump is capable of regret, but he just might well have unleashed Hell.

If ever there was a time, both in the USA and the UK - now is the moment for our politicians to step up. Particularly the professional and nebbish politicians who are more concerned with keeping their jobs and cosying up to the status quo, rather than do what is right - the guys who swing with the political tide; now is their chance. If they do not step up, they are going to find themselves on the wrong side of history.

rikki@notesfromengland - Suffolk - UK - 10th October - 2019


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