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The UK is drifting towards danger and we seem too lethargic or fat to care

As the Brexit chickens come home to roost, it may give some people pause for thought.

There is no appetite to rescind the Brexit vote of 2016 and rejoin the European Union, and frankly, the way the EU has behaved of late, why would there be? But this contradictory conservative Government which is Far Right yet tries to panda to the Left, is hopelessly out of touch and will learn, and I suspect the hard way - you can not please everyone all the time. But that is the least of their issues.

I suspect they get away with so much because there is no real opposition. Decent enough chap as Sir Kier Stamer might be - he does not appear to possess the strength of character or have the charisma to bring the various factions of labour together. Right now, it might be an impossible task anyway.

However, the incompetence of Borris's Government and his far right-leaning party with their Anti Immigration Fundamentalists are creating trouble for the future of the UK.

Here we are again, with the phrase - "winter of discontent" being bandied around by those with the memory of Jim Callaghan's catastrophic Government. That was forty-five years ago in 1979 and largely down to the Government's loss of control and the power of the Unions.

We are now in a different situation altogether, but that same loss of control is looming on the horizon, simply because of this stubborn and somewhat racist attitude toward immigration.

How did the UK manage to be the fifth-largest economy in the world? Would that have been possible without the help of people from different countries coming to live here? Would we have seen this massive uplift in the standard of living for everyone without them?

In the last three decades or so, expectations have become so much higher, and perhaps there is a point where they become unrealistic or undeliverable? Of course, the never-ending battle between the haves and the have-nots will continue. But the way our economy and systems are structured, it is tricky to understand how everyone can be pleased.

Is it greed or necessity that is the driver? The truth is that everyone wants more. The gap between the highest earners and the lowest is wider now than ever before. But it is also true that the lowest earners have more now than they ever have. In other words, the standard of living has risen inexorably.

Yes - it can be argued that the wealthiest have far too much and the poorest nothing like enough. And that is undoubtedly true, but there is a balance between taxing too much and driving entrepreneurs out, thus creating unemployment or making the economy attractive to the people who take the risk, create jobs that pay people who can pay tax. There isn't a system that is perfect, and even if there were - as soon as humans got involved - it would cease to be perfect.

But the far Left's big failing is that it does not seem to understand basic economics. And that is everything has a price, and everything has to be paid for. And if you want to pay for it, you have to have the wealth to do so. And creating wealth is what companies and institutions do - they are the geese that lay the golden eggs - creating wealth for the country.

Companies run on quite a delicate balance - the difference between making a loss or a profit. If a company continues to make a loss with no prospect or profit, it will go out of business and cease to exist. All those employed will lose their jobs, and the Government of the day will lose the tax that those employees were paying and the tax that the company would pay if it were in profit. Furthermore, the Government will be forced to pay a sustainable subsidy to those who have not paid jobs. So everyone loses.

Companies can only make a profit in three ways; that is, they all have three levers or buttons they can push to alter the ratio between profit or loss. They are 1) pay less for their raw materials, labour and running costs, 2)improve their internal efficiency or 3)raise their selling price.

So when you hear left-leaning Labout MP's proclaim that wages should be increased by fifty percent - which would push the majority of companies into liquidation and bankruptcy and create massive unemployment - it tells you that there is a very high degree of incompetence on the labour benches. They simply do not understand basic economics. Everything has to be paid for. It is easy to spend money, particularly other peoples. But creating wealth is hard work, risky and challenging.

But equally, if companies are starved of resources, that, in turn, will choke profits, growth and investment and increase inflation. And that, in a nut-shell is the crime of this sitting Conservative Government. It is all wrapped up in the ramifications of Brexit. Everything has to be balanced and accounted for. Keen as they were to leave Europe, they did not compensate, and time has and is catching up with them, and that is why we are all in for a very bumpy ride. This Government has been asleep on the job - and there has been no real opposition to keep them on their toes. Furthermore, in the immediate future, there is no real prospect of any meaningful opposition.

Now is the time for more choices of Political Parties. Our main political parties have drifted to the fringes - Labour to the far Left and the conservatives to the far right. We need now, more than ever, a common-sense approach and a centrist party that can have a broader appeal to the centre of politics and be good for everyone.

The Greens have no competence in running a country, no matter how laudable their aims may be. The Lib-Dems are obsolete, and no one has a clue what they stand for or why they exist anyway. But a coalition of new centrist parties, which might include the Greens, is just what this country is crying out for. We need a leader with some imagination and who can lead. A trustworthy leader who can ignite people's passions and who possess the fortitude to deliver long-term visionary projects that will benefit everyone. A leader who we can respect and trust.

Rick - Suffolk - UK - 3rd - October - 2021

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