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The struggle to keep Democracy alive in America.

I was chatting to a friend today about Trump and the Republicans refusal to be gracious in defeat. And how Trump appears to have instilled fear in the Republicans - so much so that they cow-tow and tie themselves even tighter to this despotic man.

This is dangerous; it is how all despotic regimes begin. From Hitler to Pol-Pot, from Idi Amin to Robert Mugabe. None of these despots would have made it, except for their enablers; the people around them who support and authenticate their tyrannical rule.

And that is the point - one would have expected the Republican Leadership to understand where to draw the line. When to say; "enough is enough" time now to go, Donald, we need to start again and rebuild.

But the Republican Leadership just don't seem to get it. It is extraordinary that they appear to have discarded all forms of decency, honesty and civility. And this is what is so dangerous. Don't be fooled by the fact that they dress up in a suit and tie.

As my friend, Chris described it to me; usually, there is a "Bell Curve" with a line down the middle, and the majority of supporters are either side of the middle line. But now there are two Bell Curves - so the centre-ground has shifted or even disappeared. The division is now between two bell Curves - not just either side of the line, but two completely separate lines.

This poses a real threat and unless the "McConnell's" of the Republican party see and acknowledge this and react for the good of all, there are going to be some very real difficulties in getting the healing process on track.

One has to hope that common sense and the strength of the American Character will ultimately prevail. But who would have thought that this would have happened in America? This type of autocratic saga is usually the domain of struggling democracies, not the most powerful nation of the Free World. That is what makes this situation terrifying. Nearly as frightening as having Trump in power for another four years.

Rick - Suffolk - UK - 12th November - 2020

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