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The strength of the Reed or the Oak?

Humanity's dark side is once again descending upon humankind and our world. This is happening again because recent administrations in the democracies of the world have become arrogant, conceited and fell asleep at the wheel. Democracy was overtaken by greed and weakness, and now we must decide if we are prepared to stand for what we believe in - are we prepared to fight, or will we roll over, already defeated?

We are now faced with two allied world powers, Russia and China, threatening nuclear war and no doubt there will be other countries that will join their axis of evil.

The simple lesson of history - from the school yard to the past two world wars; stand up to bullies or face the consequences every day for the rest of time. We are talking about the absence of freedom. We are talking about ruthless regimes that routinely inflict unimaginable cruelty on their own populations. Regimes that are totally unaccountable - that quash discussion, dissent and will lash out even if they think you are a dissident. We are talking narcissistic dictatorships of the worst kind.

Many lull themselves into thinking - "oh - that could never happen here". Let's not wait and find out - please.

We must commit ourselves, no matter the cost, to defending Ukraine and Taiwan and standing shoulder to shoulder with them - and anywhere else that gets threatened by these two monstrous regimes.

While everyone is consumed with their increasing energy bills, the cost of living increases - their wages - there is this awful prospect that we cannot avoid looming over us - and ignoring it will not make it go away.

And all the time, our leader's heads are swivelled in a different direction - Putin and Xi Jinping are preparing.

Time to switch on to what is happening in our world.

Rikki - Suffolk - UK - 14th August 2022

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