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The result of the United States Election is more important than it ever has been before.

Here we are on Halloween - the last day of October 2020 and three days to go until the American Election. It is a huge deal this time around, up for grabs is "World Order" - and the repatriation of Honesty and Decency - not just to the White House but the whole world - both of which go to form Trust.

Thoughtfulness or good manners along with Trust are the foundation blocks of any and every strong relationship. No one can effectively operate in a relationship where thoughtfulness and Trust are absent. It is like trying to swim in a pool that has no water. That is what Trump has done; he didn't drain the swamp - he drained the pool of water, he drained the American Government of Decency and Trust.

Sticking my neck out - I predict it will be evident that Trump will have been trounced when the results are all in and counted. I refuse to believe that the majority of Americans will fall for another four years of Trump. He is no better than the worst of the worlds despotic dictators. It is only the fact that America is still a democracy that has held Trump back from committing even more egregious acts than he has.

What is so sad is that Trump still has as much support as he has; his supporters are under the grave misconception that Trump cares about them. The truth is, of course, that Trump couldn't give a fig about any of them. I confess to not really understanding why Trump still has any support. He has a proven track record of always putting himself before others; he really is no better than a gangster, and one only hopes he will get his comeuppance, if not in this world - perhaps the next.

Here's another prediction: The Republicans will lose their majority in the Senate. Furthermore, those scurrilous Republican Senators will lose all their power and be outed for the charlatans they have proved themselves to be.

When it comes to Biden - I have changed my views in the last few weeks. There was never any doubt in my mind that he was infinitely preferable to Trump, but now I believe Biden has all the makings of a great President.

There is a great deal of healing to be done. Not just in the United States internally, but all over the world. I do hope and pray that I am not sitting here next week with an embarrassingly red face at being wrong in my predictions. I do believe my faith in Americans is justified.

God bless the United States of America.

Rick - Suffolk - UK - 31st October 2020


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