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The quickest way to lose credibility and trust: Defend the Indefensible.

It seems to have become the quintessence of today's world leaders and their supporters; to defend the indefensible. We witness almost daily in some part of the world this incredulous behaviour. History is full of this behaviour, but more often from dictatorships, be they far left or far right. On the whole, the west has been at least ready to call out sub-standard conduct if not always the paragon of virtue itself.

But today, in the western world, we see this constant drip-feed of men and women; leaders of the western world willing to audaciously stand up in front of crowds and cameras and tell outright lies, half-truths and generally miss-inform and defend the indefensible.

It is not acceptable in any circumstances, whether it is Trump, Jim Jordon, Kevin Mcarthy or Mitch McConnell and all those other sub-standard contorters of truth in the USA or Borris Johnson, Priti Patel and their cohorts in the UK.

Trying to defend the invasion of Congress on the 6th of January 2021 or 10 Downing street parties when the whole country, including Her Majesty the Queen, was in Lock-Down is untenable and unforgivable.

The point is, if our leaders, whether left or right-leaning or centrist - if they do not stand up for truth, for honesty, for integrity - what hope do we have for the betterment of humankind. If our leaders are all self-serving and only care about satisfying their craving for power, we are pretty much doomed.

If anyone actually believes that Trump or Johnson cares about them, they are stupid and utterly deluded. These kinds of people only care about themselves. They have always only cared about themselves, and power has only strengthened this notion of Me, Me, Me. Honour and selfless acts are an anathema to them.

Anyone who tries to defend Trump or Johnsons behaviour should understand that in doing so - they are not showing loyalty but rather their own moral inadequacies.

As Johnson apparently refuses to go on his own cognisance, he should be told to go by the powers that be - and in short order. The longer he stays in position as Primeminister, the more damaged the Conservative party will be.

Rick - Suffolk - UK - 16th - January - 2021

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