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The "good guys" should come together and build a new party - they'll get my vote.

It is time that we had a new centre-based political party. The Conservative party has lost almost all of its gravitas and seemingly its collective pool of decency, honesty and integrity, not to mention its ability to govern responsibly and effectively.

I wanted to congratulate Rishi Sunak for becoming the latest PM. Still, by appointing Suella Braverman, he has kowtowed to the far right of what is a rather unpleasant side of the Conservative party. Furthermore, it is far too soon to reinstate her; whatever he may think, she has only just stepped down as Home Secretary for, shall we say, bad judgement or a sloppy mistake.

The Conservatives cover too broad a church now. There are too many things that I fundamentally disagree with, which will stop me from voting for the Conservatives again. They have a lot of MPs who are either weak, lacking in integrity or just plain nasty.

I find it strange how the conservative party has come to mimic the Republican Party across the pond. This lurch to the right is dangerous for us all.

If only the Lib-Dems knew what they stood for, they could be an alternative, but I, among millions of others, I suspect, have not the faintest idea why they exist.

The Greens, of course, are a laudable lot, but would you let them run our country - not convinced.

Labour would bankrupt the country even more than it is already, if that is possible and have no proven record of creating wealth. In fact, they are anti-wealth - they only like spending and giving away handouts of other people's hard-earned cash, particularly to the feckless and lazy.

So it is back to compassionate Conservatism, but there is a dilemma; the conservatives in office now are not compassionate, trustworthy, honest, able or some of them, even very nice people.

Perhaps we revert back to stable values for a new party - maybe the "Traditionalists" - where Values count, values like honesty and integrity, decency and kindness and particularly, ability. And there would be compassion as well for those who are trying and doing their best.

So my vote is going begging, or at least looking for a deserving home.

So if anyone wants to start a new party along the lines I have suggested, you can count on my vote.

Rikki - Suffolk - UK - 25th October 2022

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