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The failed American Coup of 2021

It's funny, isn't it, how people can do the wrong thing and know in their hearts that they are doing the wrong thing - yet still go on and do it. So how does that work exactly?

Call it Blindness. It is not NOT seeing - it is refusing to see. It is an outright denial of the facts. It is that uniquely human selfishness where the individual persuades themselves that the end justifies the means - all driven by greed, resentment and fear. It is a seed of evil that, if not fought, can grow into a monstrous lie with horrifying results. We would recognise this evil in Genocide, The Holocaust, what is going on in Russia, China, Belarus and sadly many other places around the world, all as we live and breathe today.

All those lessons supposedly learnt by humankind, and at such a high human cost during the last Hundred years - apparently now forgotten.

So today is the 6th of January, marking exactly a year since Trump (The failed Dictator) tried for a coup d'etat in Washington DC, arguably the Capital of the Free World.

And yet still, even today, one year later, we still have grown-ups, many who are members of Congress behaving like badly brought-up children, lying and refusing to acknowledge their responsibility.

Of course, these individuals know what they are doing is wrong. Still, they tell themselves they are doing it for a purpose - even if it is an evil purpose at that, but with false narrative and ignoring inconvenient truths, they, just as a psychopath, convince themselves that they are right.

When you recall people such a Himmler, Pol-Pot and Starlin and all the other megalomaniac psychopathic leaders that litter our history - you would think we would have learned some fairly basic lessons by now and would have baked them into our electoral or democratic DNA. That essential need of Humans to be led - balanced against the fragile incompetence of choosing a qualified and honest leader could very well lead to our downfall. Indeed, the collapse of Democracy and Civilisation as we understand it today.

So yes, there is a fight to wage - to save the planet from human destruction- certainly, but the big battle is defending ourselves from ourselves.

If the Republican leadership are still in denial of what took place on the 6th January 2021, as they apparently declare themselves to be, with the storming of the Congress precisely one year ago to the hour as I write this, then America, as we knew it, is surely doomed.

The New 2022 Republican Party needs to form quickly and run on a mandate of decency, integrity and respect for truth and deny access to the likes of the pestiferous Kevin McCarthy's, Jim Jordan's and Marjorie Taylor Greene's of this world. That will split the Republican Party, and they won't win - to start with - but that will start the healing and prevent the destruction of the USA.

All these Trump-Supporting people don't understand what they are wishing for. Trump doesn't care tuppence for them. Would they rather live in a State run by a Dictator? Look around people - educate yourself. You only have to look at life in Russia or China or Belerouse or Venesuala - unfortunately, there is lots of choice.

The USA needs to reclaim Democracy for itself and come together as Americans - united.

Rick - Suffolk - UK - 6th January 2022

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