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The Death of Prince Philip

When my father died, friends commiserated with my Mother, with the sentiment of "I know what you are going through". This would upset my Mother because she did not accept that anyone could understand the depth of her grief and therefore couldn't possibly understand how she felt.

Needless to say, she was utterly broken and distraught, despite the stiff-upper-lip, which in moments of solitary, would dissolve, and even though a decade and some years have passed, some moments - the pain of loss is still quite evident.

It is with this thought that my enormous sympathy goes out to Her Majesty, our Queen, on the death of her husband, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. As remarkable as the Duke was, what a most remarkable lady our Queen is. We have always known this, but it never ceases to amaze me how she finds the strength to go on with such determination and fortitude, despite whatever is thrown her way and no matter the unfairness of life.

As for what Prince Harry and his precious, self-serving, and over-dramatic wife have brought down on the Royal House of Windsor, one wonders that he was even welcome at the funeral of his Grandfather. He would be, of course, because they are bigger than that. Harry has now rushed back to California, apparently without taking the opportunity of laying the foundations for reconciliation with his immediate family. What a shame.

One cannot help but feel sorry for Harry. He seems like a lost soul who never learned the lesson of accepting responsibility for himself and his own decisions and still doesn't appear to understand. It is so sad to see today's version of Prince Harry. That slightly wild and wayward young man who overcame his childhood traumas so successfully and grew into a happy, smiling and confident young Prince. To see Prince Harry now, a shadow of the man he was, seemingly controlled by his self-important wife, who appears to be the epitome of a drama-queen. When you compare the whinging and whining and outright deliberate misinterpretations of Harry and Megan to the quiet strength, silent dignity and perseverance of Prince Willian and Kate - not to mention Her Majesty, there really is no comparison.

Prince Harry must surely feel such a clot. Megan is famous because of who she married, and Harry is renowned because of who he was born. If he really cuts himself away from the roots of his family - his fame will wither. I can't help but wonder if he will like who he is, who he has become - that's if he ever finds the courage to meet himself? I do hope he finds peace, contentment and happiness, but being so vindictive is not the way. Time is a great healer, and perhaps his closest family, who so obviously love him so much, will forgive him, and possibly Harry will one day comprehend what he did and seek understanding, if not forgiveness. You never know - but for me, it is tragic to have witnessed this.

As we all know, sometimes life throws curveballs, and they are in themselves lessons that can help us grow, uncomfortable as it is at the time.

Rick - Suffolk - UK - 23rd April - 2021

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