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The courage of some who are deserving of our support

People of the USA - wake up and smell the coffee

Despite all the protestations and outrage declared immediately post the sixth January sedition riots in Washington DC, inspired by Trump on the Capital Congress, The Republicans have backed away from getting to the truth.

They, along with most other people, already know the truth. But the Republicans don't want to acknowledge it as they know they are partly responsible. Many supported Trump, and it appears, most still support Trump, so why would they support an inquiry that would show them up as culpable in the riots?

The question - the elephant in the room - the only issue is; what sort of people will lead the USA in the future? Will America go down the path of least resistance and end up with a dictatorship? Will American politics cow-tow to the grossly misinformed proletariate and lying gangsters ruling the Republican Party, or do they fight and stand up for truth, integrity and democracy?

If the Liz Cheaney's of this world win, all will be well.

If the dark side of Republicanism win, where wild conspiracies are let loose, where lies and misinformation are propagated instead of facts and truth, America is doomed and will fall from grace as surely as the Holy Roman Empire did.

We all instantly recognise beauty when we see it, be it the sun setting over a calm sea, children playing and laughing, a vista with wild animals roaming free - whatever it is, we see it, and we know what beauty is. The same applies when we see dead bodies or a ravaged, war-torn landscape destroyed; we instantly recognise ugliness - just the same as knowing the difference between truth and decency and lies and evil intent.

Of course, these "Gangster Republicans" know precisely what they are doing, and they know it is wrong and evil. It is their unfettered avarice and greed for power at any cost, even their own souls, that drives them. They are no different from the "Al Capones" of this world.

As always, it is all about the people we select to lead us. It is the same as baking a cake - inferior ingredients will result in bad taste. Poor calibre of people with low integrity will change the values and direction of the USA.

It is all down to the People of The United States of America to make their voices heard, to put themselves out there and fight for Freedom, Truth and the Integrity that founded their constitution, which formed their country. The choice is simple and very stark; Beauty, truth and Good Intent or Ulglyness, lies and Evil. As many wise people have put into words before, all it takes for evil to prosper is for good people to do nothing?

The evil that China and other countries champion.

Sooner or later, the West will have to acknowledge the genocidal behaviour that China inflicts on so many of its citizens. It is taking out whole swathes of its population and interning them in "reeducation camps" or, more accurately, prisons where they get indoctrinated and brain-washed. And the world stands by and watches - some of us aghast.

Any thought of freedom of speech and a light touch of governance promised to the people of Hong Kong has long since gone. The heavy-handed sinister machine of Chinese communism has crushed all those brave Hong Kong protesters. Even the courageous Jimmy Lai has been imprisoned for having the temerity to disagree with the Chinese authorities - Xi Jinping and his henchmen are relentless. Today marks thirty-two years since the Tinemen square massacre. So it is not by coincidence that Jinping has had Ms Chow Hang Tung, a brave organiser of protests, arrested today and taken from her Hong Kong home.

We have not even mentioned the evil that China is perpetrating in Tibet. Xi Jinping is no different from a terrorist; he and his cohorts operate by creating fear. Suffering and appeasing tyranny can only go on for so long before either the tyrant wins or the people fight back or, on a few occasions, the world says: Enough!

We see almost exactly the same process taking place in Russia under Putin. Dissent is not tolerated - anyone decrying or questioning authority is executed, murdered or locked up, and often tortured. In Russia, Alexi Navalny is the leader of Putin's opposition, now locked up on trumped-up charges. But thousands of more un-named heroes besides, all interned for voicing their opposition to Putin.

And in Belarus, even worse things are happening under the tyrant leader Alexander Lukashenko. Last week he even hijacked a Ryan air flight forcing it to land with a fighter jet, all in order to detain two young protesters, Roman Protasevich, an opposition Blogger and his Russian Girlfriend, Sofia Sapega.

Much the same is happening in Burma, and it is not much different in Saudi Arabia and too many other countries around the world as well.

We elect our leaders to drive our civilisation forward. However, it is important to keep in mind; we humans are all connected. The suffering of others, even in far off places, is a direct reflection of ourselves. So, standing up to oppression and the oppressors in any way we can makes a difference. Declaring our opposition by actions like not buying anything made in China, opposing arms sales to Saudi Arabia, or writing to your elected representatives and politicians demanding they act. Supporting these brave and courageous human beings is essential for our own civilisation. By adopting the view that all of us are "Jimmy Lai, Alexi Navalny, Chow Hang Tung, Roman Protasevich and the countless others who have been tortured and denied their freedom by all of these despotic dictators sends a powerful message. Talk about them and keep their names alive because they are not forgotten; their suffering counts, and we will hold them dear to our hearts. We will also hold those responsible for their mistreatment to account. One day - that day will come.

Rick - Suffolk - UK - 5th June 2021

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