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The conjurors false wall collapsed and the whole trick was inadvertently revealed to the audience.

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Today - Thursday 13th of February is the beginning of Bo-Jo's Dictatorship. More sinisterly, one, yet again, detects the shadow of Borris's right-hand chief conspirator - Dominic Cummings. One can't help looking for the puppeteer's strings coming out of Jonson. Or perhaps he is like Trump - "Putin's Plant", and George Smiley will unearth the intrigue and save the United Kingdom from the dark side of the far-right - I wish.

Really - I have no idea - but it seems pretty odd. The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sajid Javid, of whom I was never a fan, is forced into accepting becoming Number 10's puppet or resigning. To his credit, he resigns - so what other conclusions can one reach?

One can sense the darkening skies of conspiracy gathering over Downing Street.

It reminds me of so many leaders who, having taken office on a wave of optimism and huge promises which they cannot possibly keep, bouncing with vim and vigour, brushing aside the lies they have told - and then the unplanned crash. The bubble bursts, the honeymoon period abruptly ends, and reality kicks in the door and smartly slaps everyone across the face.

Everyone is left wondering, what just happened - is this guy, not the person who he said he was? Were we all wrong? Really?

I fear so - but let's wait and see.

Rick - Suffolk - UK - 13th February - 2020


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