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The Congressional Impeachment enquiry on President Trump

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

The congressional Impeachment enquiry on President Trump

Poor Mr Nunes - the beleaguered senior republican representative on the Congress Impeachment inquiry; He is the equivalent of a supporter of the "Flat Earth Society." He refuses to acknowledge the facts. Like the proverbial ostrich - his head is firmly buried in something that leaves him not smelling very good - namely Trump and the support of Trump at any cost. And of course, that cost is his own credibility and the credibility of the Republican Party. The Republican Party will find it hard to row back from their unequivocal support for the residing president. Being in public denial of the facts that have been laid bare in front of the whole world makes them look rather silly.

Trump is a dishonest man, a disaster as a leader, and a clear and present danger as President of the United States of America. He is nothing less than a mafioso type thug who believes he is above the law and all other beings, who are of course in his mind, lesser beings. Trump is, in his own mind, a genius. While in fact, he is just a buffoon, except he is not amusing. He is dangerous. He cannot tolerate any form of criticism, which indicates he will not entertain any serious analysis of any given situation. It is his way or no way, and he, in his mind, is always right.

What is much more sinister, is the reason why he is enabling the dismantling of our world order and casting such a dark shadow over the world.

This is a hypothesis: Trump, in the past, has done something wrong that he does not want anyone to know, and Putin has it on him. There is no clarity or transparency in any of the one to one conversations that Trump and Putin have had together. Therefore there is no accountability. So it is fair to conclude that Trump is hiding something, as is Putin.

To that end, Putin has persuaded Trump to withdraw from Syria and Trump thinks that he and Putin are buddies. But Putin is not like that. In Putin's mind, he is at total war with the west - and he is, of course, playing Trump from both ends. And Trump doesn't even know it. Remember - Trump's significant weakness is that he thinks he is the smartest guy in the room - so the possibility that he could be played wouldn't enter his mind.

And of course, Trump frames all events in his mind around himself and how he looks. I suspect he still wants to believe that the Russians had no hand in helping him win the presidential election. This is a running sore for him. So if he can shift blame for the interference to the Ukrainians - that suits his playbook. Facts and truth don't even register in Trump's mind.

And while all of that doesn't explain Representative Nunes and his cronies blind lemming-like loyalty - It does in part, explain Trump and his treatment of Ukraine.

The problem for the world is if the USA and Europe are not on watch, bad things start happening. It isn't just the cookie jar that gets raided. The nefarious scheming and ongoings of the dark side of humanity go on and unchecked, and this can have devastating consequences for our world order, such as it is.

Since 1945 we have had regional wars and skirmishes aplenty but no world war. There has been relative peace. This isn't just luck - it didn't just happen that way. Our relative peace is because a lot of hard-working, talented, dedicated and courageous people worked hard to make it happen.

It doesn't look like Trump is going to get found guilty by the Senate, which requires a two-thirds majority to do so. I suspect the USA and the free world will have to wait until the presidential election to rid themselves of this fearful man. I only hope they do.

Rick - Suffolk - UK - 22nd November 2019


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