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The casualties of civilisation

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

I am so utterly opposed to the "Death Penalty." It is not just that it is self-defeating, but it is so inhumane. Wherever and whenever it occurs - it is a stain on our human race.

And Trump and Barr, doing what they are doing in executing so many federal convicted Death Row inmates at this time is beyond any form of forgiveness. The bitterness, resentment and division that Trump is leaving in the last throws of his temper-tantrum at losing his power will mark him down in history in a very negative way. Talk about throwing your toys out of the pram - leaving a scorched-earth; Trump is scarier and more unbelievable than fiction. If anyone should be shut away for the safety of others - Trump is right up there as the prime candidate.

And I would like to understand what kind of Christian God all these profusely religious people pray to? Because if anyone thinks, that is anyone who has read the New Testament in the Holy Bible; that executing people is the action that God would wish carried out - their understanding of the teachings of the New Testament is an awful lot different from mine.

The Murder of Ruhollah Zam by the horrible Iranian regime is a Corruption on this Earth beyond excuse or words. To have accused Ruhollah Zam of "corruption on Earth" would be almost funny if it was not so ghastly, tragic and so dam hypocritical.

Just to be very clear; The Iranian regime tricked an Iranian/French national journalist into coming to Iran, then promptly arrested him, tortured him, and murdered him by hanging him yesterday - Saturday. They did all this, not because he planted bombs or shot people but because they did not like his words - the words he spoke.

One can only hope that these very dark-minded and grossly misguided or evil people - I am not sure which - get their comeuppance from somewhere at some time. Kharma - perhaps we have to leave it to Khama?

I understand that this world is unfair and at times - living is hard. I know it is difficult to forgive others for their wrongs and it is so awfully hard to admit and face up to the wrongs we have perpetrated on others. It is sometimes tough to say sorry, especially when you believe you weren't in the wrong. And yes - it is tricky to turn the other cheek and walk away when all you want to do is fight.

All that said; we have a choice; we always have a choice. When our feelings are hurt, we can choose how we respond and react.

Violence begets violence. Yes - the bully's need to be stood up too but we should be slow to take offence and quick to forgive.

All the different religions mostly have similar message's that convey love, forgiveness and generosity - but most of these writings were written centuries ago. They were written for the understanding of that time. We understand so much more today, and civilisation has moved forward. I am not against any religion - only the miserable failure of the individual people; when they preach violence and commit atrocities in the name of their religion, usually through grotesque and purposeful misinterpretation of their chosen religion. I am against those people.

When Christians or Mullahs or anyone hide behind their God and commit these dreadful acts of violence against other human beings - this should be condemned by everyone whenever and wherever it occurs.

Rick - Suffolk - UK - 13th December 2020

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