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Thank God - Biden won

I commend President-Elect Biden for telling the people of the United States that he will be the President of all the people who voted for him and all the people who didn't.

Biden understands how divided the USA is - how Trump divided the Country. Biden - along with millions of others understands how close Democracy itself came, to within a whisker of deep peril.

Personally, I don't feel very forgiving of Trump or his enablers or come to that, his grievously misinformed or emotionally unintelligent supporters.

But the healing process should begin as soon as possible. There are many Americans and others around the world who have been deeply hurt and insulted by Trump. I suspect that they are of a bigger character than Trump and his cronies. It can be, and often is, bloody hard to forgive, particularly when the people you're forgiving are showing no remorse what-so-ever.

Never-the-less, healing, forgiving, moving forward is the order of the day.

This is a heaven-sent day, both for the United States, the world and most of all, it seems to me, for Democracy. It is as if Democracy has had a last-minute reprieve. Thank God.

Rick - Suffolk - UK - 1225 EST 7th November - 2020


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