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Striking is an affront to everyone who uses and pays for the services.

Let's talk about trade unions. Why are so many on strike? The answer could be because they are greedy and selfish, and if that is so, it is most likely driven by fear, not from not having enough but from not wanting to lose their societal parity. This applies to most, if not all, trade unions today. There was a time when trade unions were fully warranted - but those days are long gone. However, as an individual in a monolithic organisation, people are entitled to know they are being treated equally and fairly.

The first truth is that we all want more. More as in more money, better pensions, less hours, more benefits etc., but it has still all got to be paid for - and who pays for it - us - all of us. Wherever a tax penny is spent - it comes from us.

How can one possibly reach the conclusion that a train driver, good a person as they might be, should be paid the same kind of salary as a pilot of an aircraft or fifty per cent more than a senior experienced nurse - and still demand more?

The premise is ridiculous, and I strongly suspect that Mick Lynch is fully aware that none of his reasoning holds water. These utterly unwarranted series of strikes that have cost so many so much and disrupted millions of lives will merely accelerate the demise of Train Guards and accelerate the introduction of driverless trains, which of course, already exist today.

Mick Lynch might be a clever and lovely fellow, but he is also a dinosaur from the seventies and has done his union members a huge disservice. Perhaps, inadvertently, Mr Lynch has also done the Rail Industry a considerable service because these completely unnecessary strikes will accelerate the demise of the Rail Unions.

Not too dissimilar to Gary Linikar, who also over-played his hand and will undoubtedly pay the cost further down the line.

When everybody is suffering and having to tighten their belts, why should the unions be the exceptions? Train drivers and rail workers are already exceptionally well paid - possibly overpaid.

The Rail Strikes have caused ordinary men and women stress, time, cost both individuals and organisations lost revenue, and are utterly unwarranted.

As for other unions - there has to be a better way than going on strike. If you don't like your lot, leave and go somewhere else. But suppose you are a Nurse or a Doctor working in the NHS or a soldier in the Army or.......whatever. In that case, that is not always possible, so there should be an independent body that looks at the whole remuneration package in national services, from pensions to working hours, standard of living, benefits in kind - the whole caboodle and ensure that no one is being taken advantage of. Of course, this already exists in various forms, but it should be strengthened and enforced. As individuals, we want to know that our bosses have our backs. It is all about building trust. That said, we have to live within our means. So if people want more, they must understand that they must deliver more value because the money has to come from somewhere.

The BBC, Mr Sharp and Mr Linikar.

Gary Lineker was a great Footballer in his time and has developed into a chatty and able TV presenter - But he should leave the BBC - voluntarily or involuntarily - I don't mind which.

And the BBC should grow a pair and behave like the institution that it is -or should be.

The Government, without further ado, should replace the chairman of the BBC, Richard Sharp - now - immediately. His continued presence compromises the ethics of an impartial BBC.

I am a great believer in the fact that "one's" make a difference, but when that "one" thinks he is more important than the institution he serves, he should go - post haste.

The BBC is not there to serve Gary Lineker - Gary Lineker is there to serve the BBC - which we pay for. The BBC should get away from the dumbing-down and biased policy towards the lowest denominator and return to its core purpose - to inform, educate and entertain. There is a place for all three of those, and the news, in particular, is to inform - not for the egos of presenters to try and be entertainers. All the other stuff the Beeb is entangled in should be discarded and left to the independents.

Impartiality, integrity and honesty are essential for the continuation of the BBC. If the BBC wants to be trusted, which is crucial, it must understand that it has to earn that trust. Trust is not a birthright - it has to be earned. The Police have to relearn that lesson again, and many other companies, organisations and individuals besides. And those who betray that trust should, at the very least, acknowledge their lapse and apologise. Not to - further erodes trust.

If the BBC is to recover its integrity for impartiality, then both Gary Linekar and Richard Sharp should depart the BBC. Possibly Tim Davie also - if he proves not to possess the foresight and strength of character necessary to lead such a monolithic organisation.

Rikki - Suffolk - UK - 19 - March - 2023

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