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Stop prevaricating..........

If the Conservative Party, represented by the Conservative MP's, do not fire Borris Johnson as Prime Minister - they will, I predict - and will deserve to lose the next election.

As the late Terry Thomas might have put it - "they're an absolute shower."

The bigger question is in how we choose candidates and how we attract the best people possible - which goes to the very core of democracy - another subject for another time.

There is something that is vaguely putrid-smelling about the behaviour of many MP's - the sense that decisions they take are not formulated by what is right and wrong, but rather all around their self-interest.

Surely it is time that we employ decent men and women committed to good governance, high standards and a moral code of how Government is conducted. Where as the impression is - we have grown adults behaving like a load of school children conspiring, lying and scheming for their own interest, and in the meantime - our country suffers.

And not just that; all the decent and honourable members of parliament get tarred with the same brush, which, whilst understandable, is also unjust.

This present Government under the leadership of Borris Johnson has brought our country and its people into disrepute, and Johnson should be replaced immediately. It is more than a little disappointing that the current batch of Conservative MP's can't see that, and it speaks loudly of their moral compass.

Rick - Suffolk - UK - 15th February 2022

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