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There are those who make light of Borris's number 10 party's. They say that BoJo's behaviour isn't really that serious, not compared to other things going on in our world. Of course, in the literal sense, I suppose they are correct, and I guess I agree - to a point. It is still wrong if it was a sneaky bottle of cold Bolle shared with a couple of mates, but that's not what I have a problem with. The problem occurs with Johnson's character - the weakness of his character - his lies, his fickleness and his untrustworthiness. His apparent inability to understand between wrong and right.

This, for me, is not about his going outside on a lovely evening and having a drink; God knows, the pressures of being The P.M. must be huge and unimaginable to most. No, the issue is Borris's capricious and unreliable character. His lack of common sense. His inability to understand that leaders set standards, shoulder the blame when things go wrong and distribute the praise when things go right.

But that is not how Borris behaves, and now he has, by all accounts, reverted to type, trying to please his critical MP's by pandering to their far-right and lowest tendencies - what some people will do to cling on to power.

Unfortunately, his past has caught up with him, and I predict his fate will be sealed within the next couple of weeks.

Hopefully, our new leader will be endowed with common sense, a person who clearly understands the difference between right and wrong, who can clearly map out and clearly explain the direction of travel and lead.

Not, as we are used to at the moment; lots of short jerky movements in various directions.

We don't require a comedian with no moral compass; we want a person who we, the people, can trust - a person who can earn and keep that trust.

It feels reasonably obvious that Johnson himself has gone beyond the requirement of proof to show he is not fit for the job of Britain's PM.

Rick - Suffolk - UK - 09-January - 2022

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