Rwanda and Immigrants

Updated: Apr 20

If Rwanda has signed a treaty to take our English Channel Immigrants - perhaps Hungry will take our unwanted politicians?

Oh my goodness gracious me - how exasperating to listen to these far-right inhumane nincompoops.

No - I don't really like Priti Patel - I've made no secret of it, and of course, I might be wrong - I've never met her in person - she maybe a sheer delight - witty, kind, infectiously fun to be around - yes, I could be wrong?

As for Borris - he is like a hedgehog with messed-up quills - (or do you call them pricks on a hedgehog?) that sits in the middle of the road, thinking he can straddle and avoid the car wheels - until he meets with his on-coming Robin Reliant.

As for these Conservative MP's who have seemingly lost touch with the nuances of right and wrong, they, of course, will appeal to the few, but, oh boy, are they not going to pay at the next election - I hope.

Does a right cancel out a wrong or two? Surely it is not just about leadership - it is about character also.

Johnson and Patel can blow smoke up themselves all they like, and witless sycophants like Mr Rees-Mogg can keep the smoke coming - but eventually, the smoke will clear, and everyone will see them for what they are.

The Archbishop of Canterbury tried to tell them that what they were proposing to do was/is wrong - but in their eyes, they would rather be seen to do the wrong thing than do nothing, no matter what the human cost. It is directly from the Trumpian playbook, appealing to humanity's lowest non-thinking part - fear. I think they call these voters "their base", - and there is a reason they are called that.

Why aren't many more people standing up and screaming in protest about this idea of shipping asylum seekers off to Rwanda? It is appalling - and whether UnGodly or not - it is certainly Un-British. What does Britain stand for in the world if not a beacon of hope and freedom?

I suspect not many - if any, will go to Rwanda, but Johnson and Patel will be seen to have tried to solve the Immigration issue. Apart from being wrong - it is more of a political stunt than a serious attempt. And, let's not forget in his past, Johnson has played the historian - how many times in our recent past have the British had to apologise for shipping slaves, criminals, unwedded mothers-to-be and illegitimate children to various parts of the globe? Far too much politicking around and not enough statesmanship, but that is Johnson all over.

Rikki - Suffolk - UK - 19th April - 2022

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