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Prince Andrew & Geoffrey Epstein & the UK Election

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

I listened to His Royal Highness Prince Andrew being interviewed by Emili Maitless which aired on the BBC Panorama programme.

The interview itself was focused around Andrew's past relationship with the late Geofery Epstein, the convicted sex offender who took his own life while in custody.

I genuinely feel sorry for Prince Andrew, though I am sure he would scorn my sympathy. It seems he fell into bad company and did not show the strength of character to recognise and act on what he must surely have known.

The Princes of our Royal Family or some of them plainly have little idea of the struggles of the common man, and this was made very clear during the question and answer session. They live such a privileged lifestyle; it is understandable why they wouldn't. However, the quid pro quo is that they are leaders by example and should behave in a way that is beyond reproach.

Prince Andrews body language during the interview was uncomfortable. His hesitations, pauses, facial expressions and verbal responses were all somehow too contrived. My underlying impression was that he was "A rabbit caught in the head-lights - pretending he wasn't".

Whoever advised Prince Andrew to do this interview or whoever it was who didn't stop him failed in their duty.

Poor Prince Andrew - he obviously has no idea of how he came across. To say he was arrogant and evasive is missing the point. Whatever the reasons for Andrews "Epstein" relationship, whatever the attraction; sex, money, influence, playboy lifestyle or perhaps just genuine friendship - it was regrettable and showed poor judgement.

His answers to Emile Maitless's questions stretched credibility, and we are no clearer as to the facts. Furthermore, the focus of the whole sordid Epstein affair should really be focused on the young girls who were abused. They were the victims of Epstein. Prince Andrew stands accused of being a player and showed little if no remorse for these young women. That was a missed opportunity and a shame. This interview did nothing to exonerate him.

Why do our princes periodically feel the need to shoot themselves in the foot so publicly - such a mistake and so often repeated? They seem incapable of learning the lessons of past mistakes. And yet the British public is quite forgiving, but I am not sure they will show much compassion this time.

It is easy to stand on the outside and point fingers in an accusing way. The only thing that this interview made clear is the poor judgement Prince Andrew showed in the first place, by having whatever sort of relationship he had with Geoffery Epstein. He just showed the world by agreeing to this interview that his judgement has not improved. Clearly - this interview should not have happened.

When anyone has to start justifying their actions and finding rather feeble excuses for their poor judgement, you know they are in trouble. We, the common public, don't want our Royal Family to attempt to explain themselves. If they have to do that, they might as well not be there in the first place.

Her Majesty, the Queen, has given exemplary service all her life. In return for excellent leadership and example, our Royals receive privilege beyond what ordinary citizens could ever expect.

Either; take the perks and privileges and behave with integrity or step down and relinquish the privileged lifestyle.

Prince Andrew has not just "let the side down" - I fear he may have done damage to the idea of Monarchy.

Utter frustration, apathy, weariness - the UK election of 2019

The foundation of democracy is the right to choice and the majority win. So, unless the Liberal Democrats win over half of the vote in the coming election, which is unlikely, how on earth can they claim a democratic right to revoke article 50 which states the UK's wish to leave the EU?

If they had instead proclaimed they would, if elected to power, immediately hold another Brexit Referendham - they would have had my full support, for the first time I might add.

What I do know is that Corbyn and the present Labour Party in power would be a car crash, so he's a non-starter.

After all the lies, misinformation and intrigue - I could not bring myself to vote for Borris Johnson and his far-right cabinet. The very thought of them sends shivers down my spine. If they won over-all power, they would be disastrous for the UK. Literally - it would most likely be the end of the United Kingdom.

While some uninformed and not very intelligent people would be quite happy with that - It would be a disaster for all of the UK, despite what Nicola Sturgeon and her cronies might tell you.

So politically speaking, I feel pretty homeless right now. There doesn't seem to be any person or party which I really want to vote for. I don't ever expect that I will agree with every policy of any party - but I should be able to agree with their key objectives.

We have lost common sense, empathy and integrity in our politics today and that is reflected in the choice of the people, and the party's running for election.

I was a "Rory Stewart" fan - but he is not running, nor are so many people of moderate experience and common sense. Figures such as Kenneth Clarke, Nicholas Soames or Philip Hammond have all been made to feel unwelcome.

I predict the outcome of the forthcoming election will be a hung Parliament or a coalition again. Perhaps we have more frustration and pain to go through before we reach the other side of this Brexit argument, an argument we have to win. And win not just for our sake but for all of Europe.

What we need is a coalition of independent, intelligent and experienced extraordinary people. People who are far-sighted, tough and compassionate. Leaders who are honest, courageous and kind.

Wouldnt that be a great idea?

Rick - Suffolk - UK - 20th November 2019


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