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People ask if Borris Johnson should resign - what a stupid question

I keep searching for the right adjective that aptly describes my utter disbelief at Johnson's decisions.

Firstly on Ukraine: yes, perhaps Johnson deserves a bit of praise as he has led the way in supporting Ukraine, but still, the UK has not done enough.

Some have suggested that Ukraine and Zelensky should contemplate ceding Crimea and the Donbas region in return for peace with Putin. I find the very idea of this repugnant. Furthermore - we all know it wouldn't stop there.

Just a Nevile Chamberlain came back from Munich in 1938 having agreed that Hitler should be allowed unopposed to invade and occupy the Sudetenland in western Czechoslovakia - a year later, Hitler went on and invaded Poland. The Chamberlin supporters citing it gave Britain a year of peace in which to rearm. That may be so - but it all seems a bit grubby to me. Of course, in the context of being desperate to avoid another world war, having just finished the first one - it could be viewed as laudable - but not for Czechoslovakia.

The bottom line is that Putin has to cease hostilities now. The Crimea and the Donbas region must be returned to Ukrainian sovereignty, and full reparation has to be made by Russia to Ukraine. And Putin and his cronies must stand trial. Anything else is a fudge and unacceptable.

Back to Johnson - Of course he should resign. Why on earth hasn't he already? Has this man no sense of decency at all? For goodness sake, which bit of this does he not understand? And where are all these Conservative MP's with integrity, values and a sense of duty? It is as if we are watching the Trumpian Republican Party take over the Conservatives. The squirming MP's trying to support the Primeminister, and Chancellor on TV and Radio is embarrassing. I wonder if they realise how they come across, let alone understand the damage they do to their own integrity. It is absolutely bewildering.

And finally, Ms Priti Patel and her boss want to fly migrants who have landed on our shores six thousand miles to Rwanda. What?

Rwanda is a country with demonstrably poor credentials regarding human rights. Furthermore - The UK was one of the founding nations of the 1951 Refugee convention and the 1967 UN charter on asylum. This is not just "anti-British" - it is against every moral code of democracy and civilisation.

What are we doing allowing this to take place? This cannot be allowed to stand.

There are other more capable leaders in the conservative party - this Conservative Government led by Borris Johnson has lost all moral authority to Govern. If the incumbent conservative MP's don't take their responsibilities seriously and put the good of the country before their own ambitions and sack their leader quickly - the long-term damage to their party and themselves will be entirely of their own making.

Right now, they are a disgrace to Britain and civilised democracy.

Rikki - Suffolk - UK - 14th April - 2022

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