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Out of despair comes hope

The morning after the American Presidential election but with no clear winner and, laughably, that didn't stop Trump declaring victory. Even for Trump - that was quite extraordinary, and it wasn't that funny. I suppose he thought he was sowing the seed of doubt for the sake of his supporters. What he was actually doing was throwing more Molotov cocktails on Democracy.

So - I confess - I got it wrong. Whoever wins, hopefully, Biden, I was still wrong because I naively thought that Trump, after his chaotic, villainous and dishonest four years of power would be badly mauled by the good people of the United States - but that did not happen.

I still pray that Trump loses, but it looks at this time - it will be a close-run result.

I obviously do not understand America. I don't get it. It feels as if civilisation and Democracy have taken a knock - and I now fear for world order. What I am sure of is that America's place in the world, as "leader of the free world" is most definitely discredited and it is questionable if it will ever recover fully.

With the UK exiting the European Union and America no longer the leader of the free world - the UK feels like a rudderless ship with no friendly ports. Thanks to Johnson and the Far Right in British Politics we are rapidly becoming a diminished nation, but what is much more scary is the breaking down of democratic world order that is going on in front of our very eyes.

The "Authoritarians" are taking over, and we are watching and allowing it to happen, like sheep being led to the slaughter. It is quite understandable wanting to bury one's head in one's hands in despair - for a moment, but too many people are burying their heads in the sand. This attack on Democracy is happening now, and it is on our watch.

In Poland, In Hungary, Belarus, Turkey and now, the USA and the UK. It is extraordinary, and five years ago, one would have said - impossible! Yet here we are in the middle of this nightmare that so many people have not yet woken up to.

The very obvious take away here is that isolationism is very dangerous. When people are isolated from the world at large, they become inward-looking and fail to see or comprehend that we are a global community, dependant on each other.

Whenever before in history, nationhood has become the preoccupation, war has followed soon afterwards. It is the same with individuals - whenever we think of only ourselves - like bad neighbours arguing over the fence-line. If we allow ourselves to become self-centred, it is bad for everyone around us.

When it comes to Trump; what I feel most vexed about are the individuals who have not just allowed Trump to get away with his outrageous behaviour but have tacitly encouraged and supported it. His enablers - people like Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Devin Nunes, John Kennedy, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, John Cornyn, Jim Jordon. These men, and I am sure, many more besides, in their staunch defence of Trump, have actually attacked the very foundations of Democracy itself. And no matter what they may feel about the left and right of politics, they have, in their support of Trump, caused a schism in Democracy that will take many years to heal over. And that won't happen on its own accord - that healing process will take a lot of dedicated hard work from leaders all over the USA.

As I write - the Presidential Election is drawing to a conclusion and thank God, for America and the world, it looks like Biden will win. Whether your politics are left or right of centre, there is hope for humankind and our civilisation - but we have a long way to go.

Rick - Suffolk - UK - 6th November - 2020


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