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Our Monarchy works - so why change it.

Her Majesty The Queen is dead. She died on the afternoon of Thursday, the 8th of September, 2022. As with many millions of people, not just in the UK but across the world, it felt like the end of something special. Something had been removed from us, something that so many of us took for granted. A seminal moment, a moment of enormous sadness. Tears kept forming in my eyes.

I suppose, if pinned down, I would say I am a royalist. But this is because I despise bad or poor, or worse, corrupt, incompetent and dishonest leadership.

Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth the II was iconic in every regard. She was Royalty, yet she was one of us - through and through. She consistently set the example of the very best of being British. She never stopped serving others. She never had to seek attention because her actions spoke volumes. Duty was the operative word - serving others, her people and her realm. She was symbolic but real - She was not our executive leader yet led us all - She was above all of us yet a part of all of us.

I am lucky to have travelled to many countries around the world and have fallen in love with many places and peoples, but I honestly think that being born British was like drawing a winning ticket, and Her Majesty was a large part of what made that ticket a winning one.

When I think of the abolitionists, the logical part of me can find a common cause with them because, in part, the monarchy doesn't make sense, but the reality is entirely different.

Imagine having a BoJo or a Trump as head of State. It would be a nightmare. There are no guarantees when choosing leaders, as our recent past demonstrates - in fact, it is improbable that we could vote for someone who would unite the whole country and represent all of us. Our monarchy is unique and dynastic, and so long as Her Majesty, The late Queen Elisabeth II's example of duty and leadership, is continued, we would be fools even to contemplate any change. Furthermore, we are incredibly fortunate to have a most worthy replacement for our late Queen in King Charles III. And so I say, with a big smile and proudly: Long live the King.

9/11 - Ukraine and Human devastation

It is the 21st anniversary of the devastating attack by Al-Qaida on the World Trade Centre, The Pentagon and The fourth plane that crashed near Shanksville in western Pennsylvania.

Two thousand nine hundred seventy-seven innocent lives were lost that day - ordinary people going about their everyday lives from 78 countries. It includes many Firefighters, Policemen, Paramedics and people who were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Plus, the 19 terrorists aboard the planes that they had hijacked.

When I think of all those brave and courageous souls, men and women who died that day; you have to wonder - Why? What utter madness.

My heart goes out to all those innocent victims of that atrocity. All the thousands of husbands, wives, Fathers and Mothers, Sisters and Brothers, relations and friends left to try and rationalise this travesty. It must still be raw in their minds, particularly today.

I am also minded to remember the thousands of murdered victims of the Ukrainian War - begun by the Ego of Putin. All the Tens of Thousands of Human Beings killed, wounded, displaced, and bereaved. How is this possible, and to what end?

It is a sad and shaming testament to Humanity that we still allow the tyranny of greed and shallow egos to cause such devastation to so many innocent people in different parts of the world.

Rikki - Suffolk - UK - 9th September 2022

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