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Not many - very few, but some things are worth standing up and even dyeing for.

We should all be worried - look at the common threads.

In the USA, we have the Republican congress censuring two of their own for merely doing their duty - their only crime being defying Trump and holding him to account, something the Republican party at large are afraid to do. The Republicans are behaving no better than the Nazi Party in the 1930s. They have become the voice of Trumpian ideology - which translated means - a fascist dictatorship. Thank goodness for courageous and brave loan voices of reason and integrity like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger.

Whatever the divisions in the United States - they are not going to remain united very long unless the good people of the USA are prepared to stand up and fight for "truth, justice and the American Way". Plainly, there are a large number of Republican Congress members who are short on integrity and long on political greed. But if the main body of Good Americans can't see or turn a blind eye to what is happening to their great Nation, they will lose it. As the past - and present continue to teach us, some things are worth fighting for - If we are not looking where we are going, that is when we crash. We are all responsible for keeping civilisation on the road of progress. Not supporting the likes of Cheney and Kinzinger will have devastating results, not just for the Republican Party, but the USA at large, not to mention the rest of the world.

Slightly closer to my home, we have our own Primeminister with Trumpian traits who has dug himself into a hole (and he keeps digging) which I wager he won't be able to get himself out of, even with the help of his friends. There are those who would like to leave him down there and cover up the hole. However, we have a process that will hopefully work and conclude with BoJo skulking out of Number 10 and Integrity being restored to the high office of government.

The longer Borris Johnson clings to power, the more damaged the UK will become - so the sooner he goes, the better.

What is eye-wateringly depressing is listening to these sycophants trying to condone the poor behaviour of our leaders, particularly Trump and Johnson. Do politicians and those high up in the echelons of power not realise that when they fail to call out the wrongdoings of our leaders and try and condone their criminal conduct, they tar themselves with the same brush? Not just that; they chip away at democracy itself - the difference between right and wrong becomes blurred, and tyrants invariably fill the vacuum. Democracy needs to be fought for every day, and most people deep down understand that. Turning a blind eye and trivialising integrity undermines society itself.

Yes, courage is required - but fail to fight for what is right, and you end up with tyrants - Good People doing nothing and all that. And you don't have to look too far around; Putin, Jinping, Lukashenko and sadly for our world, many others. When leaders undermine democracy and the population they are meant to lead, and the people fail to stand up and hold them to account - the writing is on the wall, and history tells the future.

Rikki - Suffolk - UK - 7th February 2021

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