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Neglect and denial of responsibility

I am afraid I just don't get it. Did we ever hear of Sir Winston Churchill going on holiday during the Battle of Britain? No - of course we didn't because the great man would not have countenanced such a thing.

I remember our esteemed Prime Minister Tony Blair swooping off on some luxurious holiday in the midst of the second Iraque war - I have no idea what was going through his mind any more than I do in Borris Johnson's mind. What is it with today's leaders where they are always putting themselves before the people they serve and the high office they hold?

Here we are in the middle of the biggest threat to the British "well being" since the second world war, and our Prime Minister thinks it is okay for him to take a holiday - along with several other cabinet ministers swanning off for a break leaving the boat rudderless.

There is a right time for holidays and relaxing. Now is not it. Prime Ministers and Cabinet Ministers should not have to be told this. They are an utter disgrace and should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. They have proved they are unfit for the high office of Minister of the Crown. They are elected to serve their country, not themselves.

This may sound harsh to some - but the United Kingdom is facing a perfect storm. Our Prime Minister has brought on all of us the oncoming Brexit tsunami that looks like it will hit us just as we begin to feel the full effect of the recession, if not depression, and we still will have the COVID 19 pandemic to contend with. Now is not the time for holidaying Mr Johnson.

A prayer for November 3rd 2020

Please, God, don't let Trump win again. I know we have to be careful what we wish for, but I am pretty sure that anyone is going to be better than Trump. And actually, Mr Biden seems like a decent man and a pretty safe pair of hands. A man who is quite capable of restoring the values that we expect from the leader of the free world. The United States needs to restore the balance of power, decency and dignity back into our world, not to mention the Presidency. Someone has to hold the bad guys to account. Forget our differences and put our policy's aside; the world needs leadership. The US may not be blameless or perfect, but nature abhors a vacuum - that's how wars start.

Please God, for the sake of all of us, let Biden win.

In the bleak mid-winter

As we stand today, it is not impossible to imagine the UK pleading with Europe to take us back. It already feels bleak and lonely in a very dangerous world. Power, wealth and influence are like confidence. It takes a long time to gain, but you can lose it overnight.

Yes, we are leaving the European Union, but, though no one wants to say so, the fact is we really do need a deal with the EU and the idea that we will be fine on WTO terms; well - wait and see, but I think not. Life in the United Kingdom is about to get a whole lot harder for the vast majority of people.

We could have had an extension and given ourselves more time - But Johnson's pride and Cumming's machiavellian impatience prevented this. So here we are - once again peering over the cliff edge.

This is an unnecessary and absurd situation that Johnson has landed us all in. Johnson's attitude is similar to the man who jumped of the Empire states building and was heard to say passing the 20th floor - "so far - so good".

Rick - Suffolk - UK - 25th August - 2020

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