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Liz Truss needs a flying start

Borris Johnson has his seemingly, unconditional supporters, no doubt. However, there is also little doubt that Johnson and his cohorts have knocked the prosperity of this country backwards.

But while his lack of leadership integrity and honesty was unbearable, not everything he did was terrible. He got us all through the Covid pandemic; he may have been slow off the mark on a couple of occasions - but not an altogether dismal performance. He stood up to Putin's aggression and supported Ukraine, which he can rightly be applauded for. But Johnson lacked moral judgement, self-discipline and had no eye for detail. The impression he gave was that he couldn't be bothered.

I am most relieved that he is no longer our Prime Minister.

Entering a new era with the death of Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth the II and our new head of state, King Charles III, we also have our new Prime Minister, Liz Truss. She definitely deserves a chance - despite her having, in my view, some undesirables in her cabinet. So time will tell all.

So far, though, both the newbies, King Charles and Liz Truss, have not put a foot wrong. Long may it continue.

Our new Prime Minister has landed with an awful lot on her plate, but challenges can be opportunities also.

She has to find a workable solution to the energy crisis, which is twofold. Firstly the immediate looming costs for households and business's this coming winter. Secondly, a workable long-term future solution to energy cost and security.

Next, she has to form an immediate and long-term plan for the National Health Service because it is completely broken and unsustainable in its current form. Ideally - this should be a cross-party agreement, but I doubt that the socialists are capable of grappling with that.

Then our new PrimeMinister has to build up our defence services so they become a meaningful deterrent - not just a token. She also has to continue making the case for supporting President Zelensky and the people of Ukraine. Putin must not be allowed to win in any shape or form. We have to be resolute about this.

Many other issues will crowd the Prime Minister's "to-do list", - but the ones mentioned are perhaps the priority.

Her late Majesty's funeral takes place on this coming Monday - the 19th of September, which may afford Liz Truss some opportune contact with other world leaders. Meanwhile, come Tuesday Morning - our new Prime Minister will need to hit the track running.

Rikki - Suffolk - UK - 17th September - 2022

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