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Like it or not - we are all involved in Covid 19

The big cash-greedy supermarkets could have prevented the empty shelves quite easily - and why didn't they? Simply put - "Greed". They were - are making millions of extra pounds in cash every day. Why would they want to ration their wares? But if they had started rationing three weeks ago - when the lemming-like panic - and you have to say; selfish over-stocking by individuals who only think about themselves - most of the shortages could have been avoided.

So the message to Tesco, Sainsbury's, Aldi, Lidle, Morrisons and Makro etc. are - Start being responsible and stop thinking about your own gain. The Coronavirus Pandemic is a national emergency, and we all need to pull together here - for each other, not just for ourselves. All Food-markets should have a dedicated time-frame, twice a day, where all key critical workers can go and shop and know that there will be stock on the shelves.

Borris Johnson, our Prime Minister, is, at last, taking the Corona Pandemic seriously - but he was late off the mark. Not as late and nonchalant as Trump, it has to be said.

But Borris has to be much more careful about his presentation at these daily briefings. He almost comes across as casual and similar to an over-excited school-boy. His trademark blustering and failure to grasp details is unimpressive and certainly far from "Churchillian." But at least he is fully engaged in the defence of our country and its people now.

Very clear, very simple and decisive massages - reinforced and delivered with a calm, authoritative manner; that is what is required.

There are three actions we all have to participate in: Isolate ourselves wherever possible, watch-out for those at risk, ready to lend a helping hand, and don't stock-pile.

The Governments around the globe will, I hope, be supporting the International  World Health Organisation.  Firstly by isolating populations, thus suppressing the speed and spread of the virus, secondly, dramatically increasing the testing of people with symptoms so we can attack the virus at souces and finally, supporting the research on cures and vaccines.

This virus will change some habits for good. No one knows how this is going to end or when. If the virus does not mutate, we will most likely get on top of it - until the next time. But when it is all over, perhaps there will be some good at the end; clearer waters, cleaner air, people talking - and listening to each other more - and perhaps a greater understanding that there is more to life than greed. That the distance between us is small and minimal, that we are all connected, and we should spend more time appreciating what we have in our world and less time working and worrying for what we don't have or need.

Keep well, Keep safe and try to keep smiling.

Rick - Suffolk - UK - 22nd March - 2020


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