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Kit Malthouse and his New Stasi

Oh, how I hope, during all our troubled times, the people living in our beloved country of the United Kingdom do not become a fearful, Soviet-style bunch of informers, as actively encouraged by the Police Minister, Kit Malthouse. Informing on your Neighbours and loved ones would not only be a profoundly Un-British thing to do, but it would be the thin end of the wedge that begins to destroy trust in communities.

Instead, I would urge everyone to stay calm, be sensible and use their common sense - a commodity in which the Ministers who are governing us are apparently, sadly lacking.

It is as if this Conservative Government, usually the Party of Common Sense, has lost all sense of direction. Like a compass that has lost its ability to find North and spins aimlessly around, giving mixed messages and no true direction what-so-ever.

Is it really more harmful to stay in your bubble with your friends, yet perfectly acceptable to go to a pub or restaurant and be in the same room with perfect strangers? Children are at school; adults are at work - it is utterly bizarre.

And on top of that, we have our police Minister, Kit Malthouse encouraging us to spy on each other and report to the police anything we believe could contravene this stupid law.

Mr Malthouse, much as You, Johnson, Cummings and the rest of you puppy's may want a Dictatorship, you have not succeeded yet.

Rick - Suffolk - UK - 16th September 2020


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