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Keeping Hope alive and developing compassion - against the odds

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Dealing with defeat that others call victory.

Boris won, and Corbyn lost as did Jo Swinson. We, the U.K., as a result, are leaving the European Community.

Three years ago, very few people had any idea of the consequences of leaving the E.U. 

I suspect that had all those who voted leave, really appreciated the ramifications - if they had understood the consequences of leaving, they would have voted remain, perhaps not all but a sufficient number to alter the result.

But here we are, and there is no going back now, or not for a long time. The ramifications of this momentous decision are unknown, but of this, we can be sure; As a result of the U.K. leaving the E.U., events will happen that we had not thought of or thought possible.  

Johnson and his partner in intrigue, Dominic Cummings, have performed a bloodless coup. Their strategy is now clear, and it worked. With bluster and bravado, they captured the majority of votes with the common cause of wanting Brexit. The opposition party's had no policy that was clear and concise enough that the voters could understand or believe. The exception being the Scottish Nationalist Party.

Hopefully, even minds will prevail in the coming months and Prime Minister Johnson will move back to the middle ground and realism will take hold. 

President Trump is Impeached.

I rant at this, not just on these pages but to myself and far too often to my liking. I listen to Republicans - from Congress to the Media - all defending Trump. It makes me put my head in my hands and wonder what is happening. 

Is this the example to the Free World the US wants to portray, is this what the great United States of America has become? If so - the U.S.A. is doomed to a downward spiral of failure. 

The Republican Party needs to understand, that if they are so intent on defending the indefensible, it is the equivalent of injecting themselves with a deadly virus. It will, of course, take time to see the deathly effect, and they may not recover.

The United States of America is not just about financial power and military might. 

The U.S.A. is an idea, a dream; made up of people wanting a chance at a good life where individuals strive and are rewarded for risk, diligence and hard work. 

It is founded on honesty, democracy, law and order. It is about transparency, accountability and fairness.

By defending Trump, the G.O.P. is putting party before country, and it is not about how history will judge them - but more how the U.S.A.'s reputation will suffer globally. Not just in the immediate term but the medium and long term. And what is even more serious, because the U.S.A. is the leader of the free world - Democracy and the world will suffer also.

The world we live in can be cruel, violent and unfair. Nature can be all of these things, Humankind also.

Living in the present; being really alive in the present moment is essential for our spirit. The point of the past is that we should learn from it and the point of the future is there is always hope.

What is so unforgivable, and we elected these people - so all of us are clearly to blame. We have chosen too many politicians who so blatantly lack the power of independent thought and/or the courage to speak their minds. Their behaviour is that of lemming-like sheep, apparently incapable of logic and reason and lacking any form of a moral compass. The integrity of reasoned argument has been replaced by emotional and often vicious tribalism. 

No one is listening anymore; no one cares about the wrongs and rights. Integrity, probity and service to country have been shoved aside for cultish party loyalty.  

I have no idea what the price will be for this lack of moral fibre, but of this, I am sure - there will be a price to pay. We live in worrying times.

A time and a chance to come together - if we choose to.

It is Christmas time, a time of giving. 

I had a friend called Brian Stonehouse. He was a marvellous man. An artist and served in S.O.E. (Special Operations Executive) during the second world war. He was caught twice by the Nazi's - escaped once and ended up in Dachau, and he survived.

Brian used to tell me - "the point of giving Rikki is because you want to give, not because you want to be thanked".

Thoughtful giving is not just giving but trying to give something that the receiver will want. As we say; It is the thought that counts.

Thinking what others want is putting yourself in their shoes, or at least trying as much as we are able. Perhaps we should all try and do this more often, not just at Christmas. Try and step into other peoples skin, particularly the less fortunate, and certainly, in my case, there are so many of those.

We have all had a helping hand at some time in our lives - what a great habit to cultivate; helping others who are less fortunate. Making a little bit of the Christmas message happen every day of our lives.

Love to you all and Happy Christmas.

Rick - Suffolk - UK - 21st December - 2019


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