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Johnson throws away UK's world standing and reputation

Borris, Cummings and their followers have taken a leaf out of the Trump book or negotiations. The attitude of "I want what I want regardless of anyone else - honesty, dignity and trust be damned."

Johnson and Cummings have put the border with the EU and Northern Ireland in dispute again and the Anglo Irish Agreement and peace in Northern Ireland is put in jeopardy.

It is a slippery slope, of course, but really - no one should be surprised. You can picture Johnson and Cummings as a couple of kids cutting the jig-saw pieces to make them fit. Borris and Cummings have form when it comes to breaking the convention of truth, what most call cheating. They are trying to orchestrate their own revolution and believe people will forget the moments and only remember the outcome.

The trouble for them is twofold; firstly people do remember the lies, the over exaggerations and untruths, and secondly, they have no idea what the outcomes will be. They can paint rosy pictures to their heart's content - but reality will be different.

Breaking your own personal word is one thing, breaking an agreed and signed legal document damages the Country as a whole. The integrity and trust of the United Kingdom will be damaged beyond what we can understand today.

All those brave men and women who lost their lives fighting for what the UK stands for in our world; truth, freedom and democracy, must be left wondering why? That the UK has stood up for honesty versus lies, democracy versus tyranny, trust versus distrust is now brought into question. Doubt on Britains integrity will follow us always.

Just by our Prime Minister even proposing this bill reneging on his own agreement; the damage done to the British reputation is awful.

The only hope is that our Members of Parliament will revolt and show more grit than the Republicans did in the United States Senate. Common sense should dictate that Johnson will not succeed in passing this bill, but with a majority of eighty MP's - who knows?

I am not saying that Johnson is all bad, but by his own deeds, his proven lack of judgement and integrity - he has proved once and for all time, he is unfit for the high office he holds. It is obviously beyond him because he simply doesn't understand; any more than a thief will realise the wrong they are doing when taking something that does not belong to them. And the reputation of the UK does not belong to Johnson; he is meant to be the caretaker.

Rick - Suffolk - UK - 10th September 2020

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