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Is Biden the Man?

I was just thinking of my friend, David Rattray, who was so tragically murdered thirteen years ago. I often think of David - a man who left this world long before his time and the world is consequently more imperfect because of his premature demise.

One of Davids many sayings in his inspirational talks on the Zulu Wars was; "cometh the moment, cometh the man." This saying reminds me of Jo Biden and listening to the various opinions on his coming Presidency, the critical voices of Biden are beginning to quieten now.

The fact that Biden is of proud Irish stock and he may despise Johnson and is not an Anglophile is actually irrelevant. Biden is the man of the moment, and the world may be very grateful he is here. Biden does not come across as cavalier, and he strikes me as the man committed to the moment. Perhaps history will judge humanity as fortunate Biden was here - for this moment.

Of course, he will definitely make mistakes, and not everyone will agree with his decisions. But the world tends to conspire in favour of the brave. Perhaps Biden and all the tragedy he has endured in his life, along with all the disappointments he has suffered, have gone to prepare him for this moment in history. His moment - and ours.

As President-Elect - Biden is so far looking pretty promising as our new leader of the free world. You can almost tangibly hear the world exhaling a big metaphorical sigh of thanks and relief.

Rick - Suffolk - UK - 13th November - 2020


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