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In these turbulent times we have to look ahead to a better future.

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

The Senate speaks an alien language

What a low point we have reached in our modern world, but all is not lost, not yet.

Trump will be acquitted because of all the feckless Republican Senators who put themselves and their party before their country. I thought for a moment that more than the two Senators that have would come around to demanding to hear the evidence. Disappointingly, I was wrong. The only Republican Senators to vote for at least hearing some evidence were Susan Collins of Maine and Mitt Romney of Utah. The remaining fifty-one Republican senators clearly failed in their duty to the American People.

But Trump will always know that he was one of only three Presidents to be Impeached, and history will mark him as such. And history will judge the conniving, cowardly and self-serving Senators led by Mitch McConnell. A dark day indeed for the United States and the Congress. The GOP may feel smug with victory, but they have done themselves no favours. They have sadly only thought short-term with no thought for the unseen future. They must surely understand; what goes around, comes around.

The end of the beginning for Brexit

On Friday the 31st January, the United Kingdom of Great Britain formally left the European Union. Some were celebrating - some were mourning, but most were just stiff-upper-lipped and resigned to the fact that we would keep "buggering on" regardless.

I have written so much on this topic. It is for me regretful the UK is leaving the EU and this will detrimentally affect so many people - many more than just the UK population. Because we are all so connected, this decision will have knock-on repercussions around the world. I understand why some want to divorce from the EU, but I feel it is short-sighted.

From the perspective of history, it takes time to forge partnerships. It takes patience also, and over time there grows an understanding and a trust that permeates through society and is fueled by strong leadership that is both fair and inciteful. Forty years is really only just over the starting line of the relationship. And just as we were beginning to settle - we have separated. I am left with the impression and an enduring feeling of our people's short-sightedness, fueled by impatience and intolerance. I cannot get away from believing this is a decision that we will come to regret.

More obviously, now more than ever before, the people of the world need to come closer together to fight the common and self-inflicted wounds that affect all of us. The massive battle that looms in front of us and threatens our very survival. The struggle that we have to win; Pollution, Climate and dramatically reducing the Human Population.

Like all these debates and arguments, it is easier and quicker the fewer voices there are around the table. Agreeing with bigger blocks which can represent twenty countries or so and bring a significant resource to the resolution is an advantage. But having to agree with each individual country represents a much bigger and more expensive task and eats into time and resource.

My message to all of Europe is for you to know that many of us deeply regret what has come to pass.  Please be patient with us. The Future can still be bright, and there are plenty of good people in the UK who are working hard for the good of all.

Perhaps now is the time to strengthen the United Nations and build the UN into a serious global force.

Rick - Suffolk - UK - 2nd February - 2020


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