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Impasse - Stuck - Log-jammed - Immobile - unmovable or Brexit

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

A once great nation falling off the edge of the world by its own indecision

Exasperation, boredom, frustration, rage, concern - it seeps through conversations and absorbs some, angers some and mystifies others.

The truth is that the referendum on leaving the EU only occurred in order to appease certain members of the Conservative Party and was really a cop-out by David Cameron, who of course expected to win.

And here we are - nearly three years on and the country is stuck. And the onlooker would quite rightly ask - why? Over a thousand days since we declared we were triggering the "leave mechanism" we have been divided and split. It is really very tragic to watch.

The apparent inability of our political class to listen or have the ability to make a cogent argument based on facts and not sentiment, or to possess the aptitude and proficiency to compromise.

It is all quite staggeringly pathetic. It shouts, if not screams that we have the wrong people leading us.

Small minds with entrenched views focusing on indulgence opposed to the really important stuff - Pollution, War and Peace, The welfare of the weak, the security of our nation, the well being of our future generations, the coming together of the world.

It appears some have decided to take a massive step backwards - disengage from the world and follow Trumpion ideology and isolationist policies. These people are throw-backs and their minds are in the clouds.

We are crying out for a man or woman with vision, values, and the skill to lead, to bring peoples together - a person who can clear through the dross and get to the important issues that affect all our lives - opposed to this naval-gazing exercise that these ridiculous politicians seem so intent on. How self-indulgent and useless they have become.

It keeps occurring to me that if anyone tried to run a business like this - the business would be bankrupt in short order and deservedly so.

Well - The current Conservative Party is finished as far as I am concerned - what a shame, though I am sure some replacement will rise from the ashes.

I would say to these conservatives: Mr Cameron, Mrs May, Mr Johnnson, members of the ERP and perhaps some others - (though I do feel sorry for some of the really good hearts amongst the conservative ranks).

I would say to these conservatives - The harm that you have inflicted on your Country, the suffering you have collectively caused is beyond calculation - Leave - you are fired and shame on you!

My solution, as I have said before; Let us join EFTA ((European Free Trade Association) which we were actually founding members off and the irony is not lost on anyone, I am sure) and then we can all move forward. Everyone has got something and no one has nothing.

But please - Enough already!

What has happened to the Sultan of Brunei? Has the man gone nuts?

We are talking about one of the richest and most privileged men in the world who owns properties all over the globe including in Europe and the USA and wants to pass as a civilised human being.

He lives in the biggest house in the world, which says quite a lot about him (seems quite similar to Trump?) and in one of the smallest countries in the world. One of his citizens was quoted as quipping -" the only thing the Sultan can't afford is Democracy"

Yet he is now advocating public executions by stoning - I say again - stoning of any man who is homosexual! He wants to and is implementing full sharia law which includes cutting off people hands if they steal, and stoning to death homosexuals and publicly flogging or stoning females who have sexual relations with a man or a woman outside marriage.

This is a man who is friends with our Royal Family, has been rewarded with many honours from many great nations and who travels in luxury around the world.

The way to protest is to disinvest in the Banks that have dealings with The Sultan. Leave them. Most of us won't get to stay in his string of luxury hotels, including the Dorchester in London or the Beverly Hills Hotel anyway - but most of us have a bank account.

We all have a duty to publically shame this man into recanting his brutal and savage extremism and all of us includes our Royal Family.

We should confiscate all his wealth invested in the UK and put it in trust until he sees the light. We, the people of this world should not tolerate the savage and brutal Sharia law which in itself is an affront to civilised society.

A beautiful city with beautiful people - it is called Christchurch, New Zealand

From Americas tragic and far too numerous mass random shootings to a Norwegian island occupied by children to sleepy Christchurch in New Zealand - who would have thought it likely or even possible?

How on earth do parents, siblings, husbands, wives, grandparents, friends - how does anyone cope with this kind of loss? How can anyone be expected to rationalise this kind of savage attack on totally innocent human beings?

Yes, the perpetrators might be mad or at least deranged - but I just can't help but feel that this is passively encouraged by careless language and behaviour.

It would be unreasonable to blame the current leader of the free world for all its ills but unless we as the people condemn utterly, extremism - in all its forms, wherever and whenever it occurs, this will go on happening.

It might go on happening anyway - but the heated, nasty and unkind rhetoric and subversive language used by some in authority must send a signal to the twisted minds - even a sub-conscious message of - "we sympathise with you"?

We are so timid at times. That saying - all that is required for evil to win is for good people to do nothing. If we submit - we are doomed. We let down all the victims of atrocities.

Allowing human beings to be victimised by prejudice and fear - be it Saudi Journalists, Gay people in Brunie or Muslims in New Zealand, we the people should insist that the niceties of politics and diplomacy should go out the window and not just the perpetrators, but both the active and tacit supporters should be held to account.

We must insist that our leaders get active and stand up against the cruel and callous bullies, for all our sakes. For the sake of Human Kind.

I feel so angry with the leaders of our world today - sorry.

Rick - Suffolk - UK - 3rd April - 2019


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