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How do you feel when someone lies to your face and you know it?

How is anyone meant to feel when you hear someone exaggerating and speaking such unbelievable untruths, telling such blatant lies, and watching people believe it, or at least applaud as if they do? No wonder there is so much divisive rage in the United States of America. And one man is to blame along with his quivering, jelly-like sycophant supporters; Trump. 

What I read in the American News Papers and hear and see on the news distress's and depress's me. What distresses me most is how many people appear to believe and support the words that come out of Trump's mouth. How can that be? Even if they voted for Trump in 2016, where have they been during the last four years?

Many peoples politics are the same as their Parents. That is what makes up their mind on who they vote for - tribal loyalty. Many people do not get beyond this. If you asked them why they vote for this or that candidate - they probably don't know - only that that person is representing the party that they support - blindly. 

This removal from facts is a shame and not how Democracy is supposed to work. We should vote for people who's policy's impress us and represent, not minority's but what is best for everyone. Yes, Black lives matter, just as Native American, Asian, European - all lives matter. That is the truth, and surely, that is the truth of the American Dream?

The US election due to take place on the 3rd of November is about far more than policies. There is a real fight going on for Democracy itself. 

Trump may be an oaf and an incompetent idiot, but that doesn't make him benign. Trump represents a clear and present danger to the American way of life and the future of the United States of America. He might be a narcissist and an ego-driven selfish fool. Still, he has proved he is capable of demolishing the values of the Presidential office - those of truth and honesty, loyalty and integrity, the foundations of the American constitution.

Yes, it is, in today's age - terrifying for the World at large that we have a divisive bigot in the White House - but what is even more terrifying are the number of people who support this rogue. And when you look at the list of who they are, you begin to question if the checks and balances weaved into the American Constitution by the founding Fathers were enough. They certainly did not envisage a "Trump" as President or a conniving weasel of a man like Mitch McConnell running the Senate, let alone all those other rogues in Congress, too numerous to mention here.

What is encouraging is that there are a whole load of senior Republicans who understand the Danger that Trump represents to the United States of America. Republican Men and Women who can see clearly from the outside how, not just United States democracy itself is at risk from Trump, but World order. And for that reason, they are prepared to put their policy ideals aside and vote for Biden. Because they recognise that though they don't agree with all or any of Biden's policies - Biden will not harm the very fabric of what binds American Society, its rules, its laws and its values.

You only have to read Animal Farm, written by George Orwell; depicting, somewhat ironically, the three elements of the Russian Revolution in 1917, and study the tyrannical character of Napoleon, the pig to understand Trump. 

Beware - a vote for Trump is like a Turkey voting for Christmas Lunch. Be careful what you wish for or vote for, because you might just get it.

Rick - Suffolk - UK - 31st August 2020

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