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Have we escaped a hard Brexit - if so - thanks to the twenty-one fired Conservative MP's

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Our "Trumpian" Prime Minister - Mr Johnson, with his "Stephen Miller" type adviser in the shape of Dominic Cummings - and all the ungentlemanly and underhand antics they get up to appals me. During this shameful sacking of good and honourable men and women, the Conservative party seems to have lost its heart. It is as if it has discarded its own DNA in return for that of a mobster outfit.

I cannot and will not any longer support the Conservatives in their present form with their current leader. Nor will I ever support these Far Right uninformed ERG protagonists. I strongly suspect that not a single one of them has any understanding of what it is like to start and run a business. Moreover, along the way, our entrepreneurs are creating wealth for our country, employment, and all at their own risk. If our MP's had any understanding of business, I am sure that they would feel very differently about leaving the EU without a deal.

Thank the good Lord that there are still men and women of character who are, at their own personal sacrifice, prepared to stand up to bullying and tyranny for what is right. I salute and applaud all of them. I cannot but help think of the irony of the timing - and what happened eighty years ago nearly to the day.

The United Kingdom has been saved from a self-inflicted and possibly fatal blow by these people of conscience.  We owe them a debt of gratitude, and they have demonstrated that the system works, and we should now build on that. Prime Minister Johnson has clearly shown he is not fit to lead our country. I hope and suspect a forthcoming General Election will resolve that.

rikki@notesfromengland - Suffolk - UK - 5th August - 2019


Appendix of the twenty-one Conservative MP's who stood against a No-Deal-Brexit and were consequently, on Borris Johnson's orders, sacked from the Conservative Party:

1) Guto Bebb - Former Defence Minister MP for 9 years - Aberconwy 2) Richard Benyon - Great Grandson of Lord Salisbury (Former Prime Minister) - MP for 19 years - Newbury 3) Steve Brine - MP for 9 years - Winchester 4) Alistair Burt - Former Foreign Office Minister - MP on and off since 1983. 5) Greg Clark - Former Business Secretary - MP for 14 years - Tunbridge Wells 6) Ken Clarke - Former Chancellor of the Exchequer and other senior cabinet posts - "Father of the House." MP for 49 years 7) David Gauke - Former Justice Secretary - MP for 14 years - South-west Hertfordshire 8) Justine Greening - Former MP for 14 years - Putney 9) Dominic Grieve - Former Attorney General - MP for 22 years -Beaconsfield 10) Sam Gyimah - Former Universities Minister - MP for 9 years - East Surrey 11) Philip Hammond - Former Chancellor of the Exchequer - MP for 22 years - Weybridge and Runnymede. 12) Stephen Hammond - Former Health Minister - MP for 14 years - Wimbledon 13) Richard Harrington - MP for 9 years - Watford 14) Margot James - Former Digital Minister  MP for 9 years - Stourbridge 15) Sir Oliver Letwin - Former Cabinet Office Minister - MP for 22 years - West Dorset 16) Anne Milton - Former Skills and Apprenticeships Minister - Mp for 14 years - Guilford 17) Caroline Nokes - Former Immigration Minister - MP for 9 years - Romsey and Southampton North 18) Antoinette Sandbach - MP for years 4 years - Eddisbury 19) Sir Nicholas Soames - Former Cabinet Minister and Grandson of Sir Winston Churchill - MP for 37 years 20) Rory Stewart - Former Development Secretary - MP for 9 years - Penrith & Borders. 21) Ed Vaizey - MP for 14 years - Wantage

Rick - Suffolk - UK - 5th August - 2019


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