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Good news and don't worry -

I have some good news for my Republican American Friends.

Don't worry or think poorly of yourself because this has happened many times to many people before it happened to you.

I am sad to tell you, but - You have been "duped."

It's not your fault. You wanted to believe; perhaps you wanted to believe too much, but you have been conned.

The truth about Trump is out there, laid bare for all to see. Trying to exert undue pressure on Government officials in order to subvert the peoples democratic process is a crime in anyone's books. But when the boss - in this case, the President of the United States of America does it and is caught red-handed - then it is time to walk away from Trump. Like the battered and bruised housewife, leave him; whatever you are, whatever you're doing, whatever you believe - you are going to be better off without Trump in your life.

Most Republicans, as with most Democrats - are good, decent people. Everyone should now take a deep breath, breath a big sigh of relief for the lucky escape from another four years of Trump, and move back to the middle ground of consensus. Stick your pride in your back pocket, forgive and forget any past indiscretions and move on. This is what everybody wants, and everybody needs.

And the rest of the world needs America back again - we need the leadership - the integrity and honesty. We need the direction, the friendship and the trust. America, we need you back in the game. Trump was a nightmare - lets wake-up and begin to dream again of all the endless possibilities under a fair, just and honest leadership that is, not for one party but for all parties. Not just for one segment of society but for all segments of society. Not just for one voice but all voices and even, or particularly, those with no voice.

Trump is ancient history, and he is a bit on the slow side, but the penny will eventually drop. He lost - and he lost big.

Leave him be and move on. There are bigger fish to fry.

Rick - Suffolk - UK - 5th January - 2021

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