Get our COVID 19 priorities straight

There is such a muddled message coming out of Westminster, and it is and will consequently cost more lives. There are a lot of ill-thought-out and careless comments from Members of Parliament that are confusing people.

The simple question is this: What is more important at this very minute in time, Economics or Life?

And if you answered Economics and start obfuscating about life after Covid, you are missing the point; what if it was you lying, dying of Covid. What would your advise be then?

What if it was your child or loved one, lying on a bed - dying?

Of course, life has to go on - people still need to be fed and watered, but does that mean we can't survive without having parties and Family get-togethers?

As for the British Government taking local authorities to court for closing schools - stupid, stupid, stupid! Defending life is more important than delaying education - surely?

We have been through nine months of this Covid - we have another six or so months to go, after which it looks like we may be winning this war on Covid - we just have to delay our celebrations until we win. Delaying gratification creates something to work towards and look forward to.

We must hang tough, be thoughtful of others and be careful and stay in the fight against Covid.

Rick - Suffolk - 15th December - 2020

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