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Extinction - Seriously!

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

The last Sumatran Rhino died last week, rendering the species extinct in the wild.

Meanwhile, We have to contend and listen to the egregious lies and exaggerations of Trump, Johnson, Corbyn and many others. All of them focused on promising enticements to their supporters so they can gain or cling on to power and privilege and their out-of-kilter idealisms. Some will call me nieve - but in the context of our world, it disgusts me.

When I was a young teenager, I used to wonder why all the really important things in life are treated as so unimportant. And equally, all the relatively trivial things were elevated to such importance? Yes - I am definitely naive. And yet!

I run a business, so, though an emotional being, I am used to being quite pragmatic. When I look at the world - the massive issues that face all of us - not just the human race but all living creatures, there is one question that no one addresses. What does the end look like? If we keep going as we are, what does the world look like in, never mind fifty years - twenty or even ten years?

What bearing does an extinct Rhinocerous have on us, why should we care? Remember, everything is connected, and the diversity of life is reliant of individual creatures. If you follow that line of thought - it, surprisingly quickly, leads to human extinction. And long before that, it brings about a disastrous and ever-increasing decline in the quality of life.

When an aeroplane takes off from a runway, It increases in acceleration until it hits what is referred to as V1. V1 means the plane is committed to fly. It is going so fast that it can no longer safely stop. V2 is when it is travelling at a speed where it can fly off the ground. The scary part of extinction is, once it starts, it will gather pace and accelerate, as has begun already. There will be a "V1 moment" when it has gone beyond control.

As I said, everything is connected; if we go on blindly listening to our feckless political masters, it will end in catastrophe. We need and require a new type of leadership. Leadership that focuses outwards - that is not selfish, but healing; leadership that is not just restorative but radical, that brings people and common causes together. We need people brave enough to address the issues, courageous enough to lead us in a different direction.

We are facing a calamity of such devastating proportions and, like the proverbial ostrich, we are sticking our head in the sand. One of the lessons most of us learn in our short lives is when there is bad news; you need to face it head-on. That way, you can deal with the consequences. Doing nothing is the very worst course of action - or non-action.

We have a massive fight on our hands. Strong leadership is now needed more than ever. The sooner we start tackling these world issues, the easier it will be. Conversely, the longer we leave it, the harder we are making it for, not just ourselves, but for future generations.

We have a General Election here in the UK in less than two weeks and a Presidential Election in the USA in less than a year. Let us be careful who we choose to lead us.

Rick - Suffolk - UK - 30th November 2019


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