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Election, Brexit and Impeachment

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

The United Kingdom id leaving the European Union.

Boris Johnson has won. His vision, when he suddenly decided to back the leave EU campaign three and a half years ago, not out of any conviction but rather as a path to power and ultimately becoming Prime Minister — was phenomenal. You have to give him that.

Am I disappointed - Yes, of course. We, as a nation, are now locked out of the EU for many years to come, possibly forever. I think that is a mistake that will have a very high cost to our future generations. A cost not by any means measured only financially. The damage will also be to our social and national integrity. What do we represent now? We were a main player on an international team, a strong and reliable partner and we have let the team down. We have clearly demonstrated we are an unreliable partner to Europe, and we have become a divisive force. When what our world needs now, more than anything, is a robust and reliable force of nations that brings people closer together. We were a force for good in Europe, and Europe will be weaker without the UK. And if in future Europe fails, we will be shouldering at least some of the blame for that.

It is no use looking at the UK as being all doom and gloom. That is not what we are or who we are; we now have to pick ourselves up and get going. But now we are alone. We will be OK; we will be fine. We may take a knock initially, and life will be different.

Weather unemployment rises, or our deficit grows, or our services reduce and what happens to our international trade, will all depend on the effectiveness of our Government. It is a hard-Right cabinet, and so far their language has sounded unforgiving, lacking in any empathy and hard right.

But as a nation, while we will survive outside Europe, we are not the same as we were and we won't be regarded in the same way either. I can't help feeling we have done the world a disservice. And as a proud Brit, I have always felt the UK was a force for good in the world. I am not sure I feel that now. I actually feel slightly ashamed. As if I have let a whole load of my friends down.

The Vote on Brexit.

I could not help but feel sympathy for Jo Swinson. She was dignified in defeat, and for some reason, I find that such an admirable quality. She was wrong, of course, and her party paid the price of their policy of rescinding article Fifty without further recourse to the electorate. It was a stupid policy and undemocratic. I don't know who came up with this ridiculous idea but denying over half the popular vote without explanation would have been utterly wrong, and I am sure this cost them many votes.

What I found most unedifying was the picture of the SNP leader, Nicola Sturgeon taking such glee at Jo Swinson's loss. She looked more like a rather juvenile footballer who was craving attention.

I confess, however, that I don't understand why there are so many Scottish who wish to separate and divorce themselves from our United Kingdom? Being of near half Scottish blood, I have always felt so proud of my Scottish heritage. We have fought together, died together and lived together for ni on three hundred and fifty years. Where did this divisiveness come from?

I keep reiterating, the peoples of this world need to come together - not separate. To me, Ms Sturgen is a divisive figure, not unlike a temptress or a cad who weaves their wicked way into separating a happy marriage and works at dividing a long and enduring partnership. I find it all very sad and her behaviour rather distasteful.

The one ironic and undeniable fact is that 52% of all the votes cast in our general election two days ago were cast for people and parties that wanted to remain part of the EU. Thus underscoring the reason Boris Johnson was so opposed to another referendum. He would have lost, and we would have been remaining as a member of the European Union.


It looks as if Donald J Trump, the 45th President of the United States of America, will be impeached in the Senate next week. As only the third President ever to be impeached, this is a big deal, not that you would realise this from the reactions of the Republican Party or the President.

The partisanship that has been on show in the Congress, and seems to grow in these situations, is depressing. No less so that has been demonstrated in our own House of Commons during these last few years.

We, as individual citizens, have every right to expect our legislature to act like mature, thoughtful grown-ups, exercising considered wisdom on what is best for our respective countries — in other words, putting country first, before all other considerations. So - these sorts of episodes should not be political; they are of a much more serious nature and gravity and should be treated as such. Bringing, a serious issue, such as the Impeachment of the sitting President; bringing this down to party political shenanigans is doing the country a huge disservice. It makes a mockery of what the founding fathers had in mind.

I suspect that Mitch McConnell, Lyndsey Graham and their ilk in the Senate, will in time, be judged pretty harshly by history. They have definitively chosen to ignore the evidence of wrongdoing by President Trump, and they have publicly announced their verdict before any Senate trial has even taken place. It appears they have put their own political party and survival ahead of their sworn duty to their country. They have acted out of partisan cowedness and trivialised and brought ridicule to the laws and constitution of the USA.

Rick - Suffolk - UK - 14th December - 2019


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