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Dictators prevent the advancement of civilisation.

What truly atrocious men Putin and Jinping are. There are others as well, just as bad, of course, but these two are leaders of considerable power owing to the size and population of Russia and China. The number of people's lives they negatively affect is enormous.

Don't be taken in by their physical appearance and the disguises they wear to make themselves look normal - they are not normal. They may wear a patronising and benign smile and a suit, but neither of these two characters are normal. Yes, they are both consumed with greed, power, and vanity - like so many other humans living on our planet, that is not what singles out these two atrocious men. What separates these two and the other mini versions of them around the world is their sadism and utter cruelty. The lengths to which they will go in order to fulfil their mad dreams and hold on to absolute power.

Putin and Jinping are no different from Hitler or Pol-Pot or any of these other dictatorial madmen the world has suffered through the centuries.

The pain and suffering these two put their fellow humans through is ghastly to even contemplate. However, it is our duty to do exactly that. To understand the inhumane pain they inflict on others - on entirely innocent people. And mostly their own people.

How many humans has Putin had exterminated worldwide? How many innocent people are locked up in appalling conditions just for having the temerity to disagree with Putin? How many Tibetans, Uighurs and other minorities have been incarcerated by Jinping in the last decade - just because they were born into and brought up in different traditions or dared to hold a differing opinion?

This is quite possibly approaching the magnitude of the Holocaust, and this is happening today - during our lifetime - on our watch.

And what do we do about it - not much. In fact, we continue to tacitly support Jinping by buying such large quantities of Chinese made goods.

The brave individuals whom we know about - Like Alexei Navalny or Jimmy Lai, who have possessed the courage to stand up to the bullying, the intimidation and the torture all for having done nothing wrong, except speak their minds - these people need and deserve our recognition and our support.

Furthermore - Putin's and Jinping's behaviour needs to be condemned by the world at large and at every opportunity. We need to call these characters out and expose them for what they are, not just devious hoods like Trump - but scheming, psychopathic madman, which is what they are. (And let us understand that Trump wanted to join their club but was stopped by the American people - in the nick of time).

It is not easy, but we should try hard not to buy anything we know originated from China. Not because we have a grudge against the Chinese people but because Jinping can not be allowed to succeed, and we should not support China. No dictator should be allowed to inflict misery on others.

We must take every opportunity to directly send the message to dictators that we will not turn a blind eye, we will not stay silent, and we will call them out at every chance.

We must make our support for Alexei Navalny and Jimmy Lai and all the others incarcerated by dictators heard and at volume. If any harm befalls these brave people - our governments must take action.

Sitting on our hands with frowning expressions and threatening words is not the answer - we need positive and tough action - from all of us - now.

We should all inform our elected officials, so it is firmly on their radar; staying silent or appeasing dictators is not acceptable.


As Putin sits scheming with his vast army amassed threateningly on the borders of Ukraine - there are many, me included, who oppose war and violence - and at all costs possible.

But appeasement never works - not in the long run. Putin's actions now are a direct result of previous weakness by the western powers. Ukraine can not be allowed to be a sacrificial lamb.

It always happens - time after time. History books are full of examples - you let your guard down and create a vacuum, and a dictator steps in and takes advantage. If we leave Ukraine all alone and don't come to their aid, if we allow Putin to invade - it won't stop there.

Appeasing Putin is the worst thing we can do. We should decree that Ukraine is under the protection of NATO and call his bluff. Give Putin a way out - but nip it in the bud now.

Send the message; - Back down son, or you will pay a most dreadful price.

Rikki - Suffolk - 21st February - 2022

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